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September 21, 2012



Global purification based on the expansion of light creates a greater manifestation of forces of separation and darkness.  This perspective helps to hold what is currently happening in the Muslim world regarding an America-produced video.



There are within both the Middle East and the West, forces that seek to bring about peace between nations and to promote the brotherhood and sisterhood of man.   There are also within each, forces that seek separation, seeking to dispel the idea that unity among people is viable, or that it can result in the greatest good for all. 

Forces of separation work through individual motives of hatred, fear, helplessness, and despair.  They create enmity and a sense of irreconcilable differences.  They promote antagonism, violence, the desire for revenge, and the projection of deep sources of pain and frustration onto any circumstance that allows such projection, bringing that circumstance into the foreground of awareness as the 'cause' of that pain.

Such forces of separation are energies of opposition that pass through human awareness, rejecting motives that seek peace, reconciliation, and love, and emphasizing motives of fear, blame, and rejection.  These forces exist everywhere, today, during this time of global purification, and the choice must be made on both individual and collective levels as to which orientation one will give power to.

The furor that has taken place in the Islamic world during the past several weeks over a video produced in the U.S. that denigrated the prophet Muhammad is being fueled by such forces.  It is being fueled by forces that seek to promote enmity and separation, to radicalize Muslim beliefs and attitudes so that hatred will grow and the values of democracy and other Western values will not take root in the Islamic world.  These forces seek to promote the radicalization of Islam, to create an image of America as an enemy and a threat, and to institute the justification of violence as a means of redressing wrongs.

At the same time, there are attitudes within America's consciousness that, for different reasons, also promote enmity and separation, exclusiveness and superiority.  Such attitudes have a long history within this country. They are based on beliefs that do not seek unity with others, but rather the self-interest of one nation 'above' others, or of the few above the many.  This predisposition toward exclusiveness and superiority has existed as a 'current' within this nation's history, even while the democratic values of freedom and equality for all have been simultaneously upheld.  The message of superiority, whether it is political, religious, economic, or moral does not allow this nation to stand with others, but rather seeks to maintain a position of command rather than one of cooperation.  It prevents the full expression of the heart of America which, in its founding principles, is about love and equality for all.

Forces of separation are forces of darkness.  They are opposed to the expansion of love and unity and find their root wherever and whenever the justification of anger, fear, or judgment gains a foothold within one's consciousness.  Such energies fuse with human fear and need and allow large groups of people to view things in a distorted way, a way that grows out of the projection of fear and that permits the very expansion of that fear even while claiming to be a means to dispel it.

What cannot be taken away from oneself does not arouse fear, and therefore cannot arouse anger.  Yet, what can 'seem' to be taken away from oneself such as one's sense of personal dignity, the valuing of one's own identity, respect for one's historical roots – these things are vulnerable to forces that seek to create separation. When such violations of personal dignity appear to be taking place in a significant way, the result is often protest, the desire for self-protection, rage.  Each of these responses is influenced, however, by energies that promote a particular view of what is happening

Americans do not, for the most part, understand the source of rage toward this country as it arises in the Muslim world, attributing it primarily to the extremist thinking of the few.  And while this is true in large measure,  it is also true that there are forces within this nation that seek separation, exclusiveness, and the rejection of others, and these forces have played a large part in America's history both in relation to the Native American population from colonial days to the present, to the treatment of African-Americans from the seventeenth century onward, and in relation to the orientation of some, today, who continue to fear greater joining with others in a cooperative sense, desiring to maintain "America as the greatest nation in the world." 

America's greatness does not rely on her superiority or her isolation.  It relies on her democratic values of freedom and equality which affirm the Divine right of  each individual to be themselves.  America's greatness also derives from its capacity to care for all people because all are held to be God's children, with a Divine imperative to be treated equally since all are "created equal." Such a noble ideal lives within America's heart, but has not yet been fully realized.

When the sense of love that underlies the desire to accord equality and dignity to all comes to rest more fully and completely within the collective consciousness of America, and when the forces presently seeking to create separation, antagonism, and conflict within the Muslim world find hearts that will not move in this direction, then the world will become capable of a peace that has not been possible before.  For today, it is important to hold within one's own consciousness and at the national level as well, the understanding that human dignity belongs to all and that it cannot be pursued to its fullest degree by those who cannot see others as their 'brothers and sisters' no matter what culture or orientation they come from. 

The world is moving in the direction of greater unity and love and there are forces in the world that would oppose this.  May all nations come to see each other as living together under God, with the Hand of the Divine granting to each a singular purpose and destiny that will bring about the greatest good for all.  




A new day is dawning today, a new birth for the planet. You who are here are asked to join more fully now with the purposes of Divine light, to advance the consciousness shift that is taking place.  This shift will bring great light, love, and healing to a longsuffering Earth, and hope and transformation to a waiting and longing people.

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