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January 14, 2013



America's spiritual foundation in light is being re-established now in its fullness so that this nation, and all people everywhere, shall benefit from the understanding of how to live as one. Below are excerpts from the new Facebook page that serves this goal. This page is connected to the website which is its spiritual foundation. 


This is the time in our nation's history when sweeping changes on all levels of society will alter the structural beliefs that America has held as her identity for more than two centuries.  It is the time of the freeing of America from outmoded concepts that have limited her, and for the institution of new concepts and new structures that will ennoble what she has always been - a spiritually based society, founded in light, with a mission of bringing to the Earth through her own manifestation, the understanding of love and unity joined with freedom.  This is America's destiny, and so it shall be.


O America, your heart is so large and yet you limit its expression by excluding those you could love more and those whom you do not even see in order to begin to love. Open your heart, beloved land, to the poor, the needy, the foreign, the unprotected - let the needs of all become your needs.   -----------------------------------  

We must find a new definition of patriotism and 'nation-alism,' for America does not exist separate from the rest. But just as an individual has a specific embodiment and location and may be in service to all, so, too, may a nation have an individual identity and location and be in service to all. There is no longer to be a focus on the 'self' apart from all, but on the 'national-self' as part of all.



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A new day is dawning today, a new birth for the planet. You who are here are asked to join more fully now with the purposes of Divine light, to advance the consciousness shift that is taking place.  This shift will bring great light, love, and healing to a longsuffering Earth, and hope and transformation to a waiting and longing people.

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