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June 20, 2013


THE PEOPLE'S VOICE - Protests in Turkey and Brazil

Beloved Ones, it is important in all circumstances to see with both your outer and your inner eyes, your desire for peace, freedom, and equality, and your unwillingness to have these be ends for which any ‘means’ is justified.


Beloved Ones,

There are times to rejoice and celebrate when new forms which embody more light come into being, permitting the expression of greater freedom for each individual and greater equality among people and among nations.  These are movements supported by light and they are expanding upon the Earth.  However there are also times when the expression of social unrest is not being fueled by such high purposes but is being fueled by forces that would seek to cause unrest, confrontation, and conflict that could and does in many instances lead to violence.  Such is the case with the mass protests arising in both Turkey and Brazil, and these must be watched with a cautious eye and ear, not only to note the desire for greater access to government and its policy which is uttered by the lips of many in both countries, but to also note that the protests are largely unfocused, their aims unclear, and that what in each case began as a small focused effort to change a minor infringement of rights (in one case, the determination to remove a city park and to change its function, and in the other, the rise in public transportation fares), has spiraled to encompass widespread and diverse aims that are not coherent - that is, they are not agreed upon by all who are protesting - and that can lead to general distress, disturbance, and violent confrontation with those in authority.

This is not to undermine or invalidate the importance of peaceful protest and the right of citizens in any country to have their voices heard and to have access to the policy-making groups of a nation or to persons in authority.  Yet, it also acknowledges that social unrest, especially when it is unfocused in aim and happening suddenly on a much wider scale than anticipated and seemingly unrelated to the initial issue, may have other forces at work that are influencing the outcome.

Beloved Ones, it is important in all circumstances to see with both your outer and your inner eyes, your desire for peace, freedom, and equality, and your unwillingness to have these be ends for which any ‘means’ is justified.  This is the danger inherent in the present situation, that is, that the means to the end of peace and a greater voice for the people can be co-opted by energies that do not have these ends in mind, but other ends.  And it is for this reason, that they elicit counter-measures from those in authority that may be excessive, defensive, and potentially violent.

We are living in a time when the forces of light are expanding and the hearts of those responding are beating more strongly to the desire for freedom, respect, dignity, and the rights of each individual to shape their own destinies.  Yet because of the forces of opposition that are also present in this situation, we must be aware that all may not be as it seems, and that where violence is occurring and anger is rising, that something other than the motivation toward peace or equality may be involved.

All blessings dear ones.  This Newsletter comes to you with the hope that you will share it with those you love or who may be interested, for it is the charge of each person embodied on the planet today to take responsibility in their own way for holding the consciousness of light and truth that will help the Earth transform into a planet of light.


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Julie Redstone




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