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June 24, 2013


NELSON MANDELA - Tribute to a life lived in service


There are some moments when one must honor the life of one whose actions and consciousness have influenced the consciousness of an entire planet.  Nelson Mandela has won victories not only in relation to the ending of apartheid in South Africa, but for human consciousness in general, which has seen and will see their eyes opened to the possibilities of what one person can do who holds firmly to the truths that they believe in.

Nelson Mandela is in the last stage of his life, and rather than focusing on his death, which will be a release into another realm of service, we are asked to focus on his life which, as a model and a prototype, expands the possibilities for human consciousness everywhere.

How many of our brethren live in external prisons, feeling hopeless and in despair?  How many live in inner prisons, feeling equally hopeless and in despair?  Here, in this life of one person is an example of freedom of spirit in the face of all adversity.  Freedom of spirit combined with courage of ideals that allows a human being to rise well above whatever external circumstances confine them.  In this example, we pay tribute to the man and to the light within him, not just because his passing may be soon, but because his life has been so well lived.

All blessings to the soul of one who has come to the Earth to be an example to the Earth of the spiritual values that all may live by.  All blessings to those who, similarly, rise to the level of their soul with courage, dignity, and the desire to preserve the truths that will set human beings free.  Julie


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