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July 21, 2013


From 'Gender Binary' (Male-Female) to 'Gender Spectrum' - A New Basis for Equality

'Gender spectrum' opens a door to begin to see people as they truly are, not as this or that, but as a mixture of things along a spectrum that may be visible or invisible.  This spectrum, when validated, allows each one to be authentically themselves.



We are being called, today, to look at human beings not in terms of their outer presentation - their physical strength, beauty, intellectual capacity, but to look at them from the standpoint of the common essence that we share.  This deepest human core is the Divine spark that lives within each one, and it asks us to reevaluate, now, the basis for how we view others and how we view ourselves.


Gender identity, racial characteristics, physical size, mental capacity, are all ways in which we label people and to some degree in which we relate to them in a pre-determined way.  Yet, we are moving into a time in which all of this will be irrelevant, and the common Divine essence of all will be the primary factor that all understand and relate to.


As a forerunner of this time, we are being asked to reevaluate our understanding of sexuality as more than a male-female relationship, and further, to understand that individuals can have components of both male and female energies, physical characteristics, psychological make-up, that partake of both masculine and feminine qualities.


With this in mind, a new beginning is being made today in the consciousness of those who no longer feel they must label themselves as 'either' male or female, but who can feel comfortable existing (within their own consciousness) along a spectrum that contains both, and that includes whatever characteristics are ordinarily associated with both.


'Gender spectrum identity' as compared with 'gender binary identity' would allow us to encompass with love, compassion, and understanding, a range of individuals to whom we have not accorded equality in our hearts, though they may be accorded such according to the law.  It would allow us to move into the new world of basing equality on the innate worth of the individual which is their Divine essence, recognizing that this essence can express in a multiplicity of ways.


Moving in this direction, we would still retain the labels of male and female, for these are both historically and physically descriptive for a majority of individuals as a polarity which has a long heritage and a common understanding within human experience.  But we might also allow for those who might choose to, a designation of something other than this polarity, a designation that allows for greater diversity of expression of the Divine core within.


This shift in labeling would free our hearts, much as according freedom to any group of formerly disenfranchised people frees our hearts, for to the degree that any are not acceptable or accepted by us, we are not acceptable to or accepted by ourselves.  And so we may accord the freedom of gender spectrum choice to those who might wish it, understanding that each individual is a soul in a process of growth and learning, and that what is chosen for a period of years or even for an entire lifetime, is not necessarily what is chosen for the entire soul's history. 


With this blessed extension of our compassion, understanding, and desire for all to be free to be authentically themselves, we enter a brave new world in which we, too, can be free to be authentically ourselves. 


May all choices that stem from the inner being that dwells within all be recognized and blessed. 


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