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August 25, 2013



The signature of that which would oppose light and love today is not just one of conflict, but of conflict between brothers.  It is the force of disunity expressing itself as enmity and fear between and among those who are similar to each other.



As we look around the world, observing conflict in many places, seeking hope within our own hearts, desiring to spread peace through our own peacefulness, it is this that must be understood:  The light that seeks to expand in the world must first pass through a period in which it separates out and makes conscious that which is not light.  It cannot unify all in the domain of peace and love without first removing what is unlike itself, and it cannot remove what is unlike itself without this unlike-ness becoming conscious in a way that may not have been possible before.


There have been wars and conflicts on the world stage that have brought extreme hardship and tragedy to many.  This has been true throughout human history.   Yet, the signature of that which would oppose light and love today is not just one of conflict, but of conflict between brothers.  It is the force of disunity expressing itself as enmity and fear between and among those who are similar to each other - citizens of one nation, members of the same faith,  neighbors within the same community.


It is the taking up of arms against one's own that symbolizes the strident reaction of darkness against the expansion of light, that creates the feeling of enmity, that polarizes hearts and minds so that no feeling of union seems possible or even desirable.  This enmity then leads to the projection of fear onto the 'other,' and the violence that ensues is a result of this projection.


We have seen this force of disunity and factionalism in a variety of situations now, all of which are related to each other: Turkey, Brazil, Syria, Egypt.  In these locations, we have seen civil protest whose aims were initially peaceful turn into something that became violent because of the opposition that these protests engendered.  In Brazil, government accession to some of the demands of the protesters appears to have defused the situation so that it did not escalate out of hand.  But elsewhere, and even more so today in Syria, the force of fear leading to projection and hatred has now taken the lives of tens of thousands, with millions displaced from their homes and livelihoods.


Beloved Ones, these situations, while different in many respects, are not different in terms of energy.  The energy of factionalism that fuels polarization within a society so that it seems that there is no way back to becoming one people - this energy is on the rise.  And it is due to the stage we are at of separation of light from darkness and of the heart from its own love and essential humanity that we are witnessing these present effects. 


The counterforce to this phenomenon is, and always has been, the willingness of people everywhere - within their own individual lives and as governing bodies - to follow the principle of love above fear.  For the principle of love which values unity, compassion, and respect for all, allows those whose viewpoints seem irreconcilable to find a means of coming together.  Nevertheless, there are forces at work that seem, today, to be opposed to love, and they must be countered by that which, within us, will not yield to these forces.


Hope for the world must be based on the understanding that what appears to be an encroachment of darkness is taking place because of the underlying expansion of light and the greater desire of people everywhere to express the sacred truth of who they are.  It is this expansion of truth, brought about by light, that is the force at work here, and though darkness may cover this for a while, making it seem that it is not present at all, it is light that is the agent of change for individuals and for the world.


Prayers of the heart for the suffering of the world and for those in conflict are a way of helping in the present situation.  Living according to the principles of light and love and holding an anchorpoint within oneself so that motivations that are not light-filled will not be acted upon are also important.  For what is individual is also collective, and there is no human being that does not have an influence upon the whole.   This must be remembered when you feel that you are just one small person.


This time of conflict may continue for a while.  Yet those who are open, even in the midst of it, will find their own hearts reaching out to love more, to embrace God more, to care for others and for the Earth more.  For the light of God is doing its work within each heart, and though the effects of this may not yet be visible on the world stage, they are frequently visible within one's own heart and the longings that increasingly have a place within consciousness.


Blessed is this holy time of transition for the Earth and for all souls that inhabit it.   May all be blessed in the light of the One.



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