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September 4, 2013



Dear Beloved Citizens of America,


There is a need today to understand what 'upholding a moral center' means in relation to standing as a shining light for those in need of light both domestically and abroad.  America cannot be a shining light if its actions do not reflect light, and it cannot uphold a moral center on behalf of all if its actions reflect the same kind of thinking that those who are in need of light maintain.


Where fear is, so, too, are motivations that often lead to attack, defense, and the use of force to maintain one's position.  In this circumstance, light cannot be.  There is no action of violence that can be committed in the name of light that can actually contain that light, for the vibrational signature of light is love, and love cannot  be expressed through violent means toward others, even if such use of force or violence appears to be justified.


At this time in our nation's history, we are being called upon to determine whether a military incursion of a limited kind is needed in order to counter the aggression of Syria's government against its own people.  In the face of this dilemma, we are asked to consider what would be an adequate deterrent to such actions for the future, for others, for the Syrian regime itself, and also, what would be an adequate reflection of our own commitment to uphold a moral center.


Beloved citizens of this Republic, we cannot meet force with force and claim to be upholding a moral center that holds God's light.  We can only meet force with a counter-measure that respects the rights of all and that emanates out of the desire to radiate love within and upon any situation that we face.  Out of this desire would come a commitment to find the means of opening a channel for communication that would adequately reflect love, and that would allow an invitation to go forth to all parties in a conflict that a meeting ground might be possible.


We cannot uphold a moral center as a nation if we participate in violence which is based in fear.  We can only uphold it if we are representatives of a different way of being - the way of love and of belief in the essential humanity of all.


May this understanding go forth across the land and find a place in the hearts of all.  For in the hearts of all who seek peace must grow the understanding that peace cannot be achieved through force or violence, but only by love finding its own means and channel of expression, and its own place within the dialogue of souls.


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