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September 23, 2013



Let all that we do reflect our commitment to not act in ways that deny or invalidate or separate from the experiences of others, no matter what they are...




While the drama, and tragedy, and horror of events continue into their third day following the mass shootings in a mall in Nairobi, Kenya, elsewhere in the world there have also been mass killings over the weekend - in Pakistan, to a group of approximately 100 Christians at the hands of Islamic militants, and in Iraq, the loss of more than 96 lives in another act of sectarian violence.  We hear through the news media about the events in Kenya but not about the others and must wonder why.  Why do we not react to the horror of mass violence wherever it occurs.  Is it because American citizens are not involved in the other two massacres?  Is it because the social prejudice associated with class allows us to pay more attention to shootings at a high-end mall that serves the wealthy in Nairobi, and not to the poor of Iraq or Pakistan?  Is it because we have become so accustomed to suicide bombings in Iraq that we no longer pay attention?


These are the questions that the heart of conscience cries out to be answered.  For these are all events that involve the spilling of the blood of the Earth, and it is equally spilled whether it be in a high-end mall in Nairobi or in the poorer streets of  Sadr City, or in norwestern Pakistan, in a church in Peshawar.


Let your heart ask this question and seek an answer.  What is our true relationship with these other peoples and with these other losses of lives, families, hopes, promises for the future?


We need to have a way of holding the increased violence in the world.  We need to see it for what it is, whether we view it on a governmental level in Syria, or on a political level as it has manifested in Egypt, or whether we view it on a religious level as 'religious terrorism' of one belief system toward another. 


Beloved Ones, the motivation toward violence is not just something that is intrinsic to being human and part of humanity's history.  It IS part of human history, but only because that history has been lived in separation from the truth of the heart, the truth of oneness with all of life, and it is now that light is expanding upon the Earth that the more hidden motivations that are separated from light and truth are being brought forward into the light of awareness, creating a greater propensity for acting out than would otherwise be the case.  This is true of the mass assaults this past weekend, and it is also true of the great number of mass killings within the U.S. that have taken place in recent years.




This is something not just to know in a detached way, but to know with our hearts, to know with our compassion.  For we are all "our brother's keepers," and we are all being called to bear witness to what this means both in our individual lives and as part of the human family.


Let the blood of the Earth not be spilled without our caring.  Let it not be spilled without our standing up in our consciousness to say: 'I see.  I bear witness to what you are going through.  I am here.'  Let all that we do reflect our commitment to not act in ways that deny or invalidate or separate from the experiences of others, no matter what they are, SO THAT WE STAND AS ONE.


One human family, one Heart, one life in God.


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