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December 8, 2013


I AM YOU - A New Conscioiusness for the Earth

The following was written to place in the foreground the new spiritual consciousness that is meant to heal the Earth and to address the problem of climate change.  "I am You."




Weather patterns are noticeably changing in many places in recent years.  Where winters were cold, they are warmer.  Where Spring was wet, it is now dry.  Where summer's heat was manageable, new heat records are being set.


There is still debate, however, even in these days, concerning what ‘normal’ weather patterns are and what has crossed a line into climatic irreversibility.  There is debate, and there is among many, still, a sense that serious climate change is 'over there.'  Somewhere else.  This, of course, is no longer true for the many who have experienced natural disasters and personal tragedies due to unforeseen and changing weather patterns and their effects.


Our capacity for denial allows us to not see and to not know what is happening, even as we are experiencing it.  And yet we can observe the trends. We can listen and hear the voice of the Earth.  And we can know when things feel different.  We do know, and often do not let ourselves know, for the desire for comfort causes us to ask:  Why not enjoy the warmer weather when it is here?  Why not enjoy the rain that falls on a formerly dry landscape?  Why not enjoy the sunny days that are more frequent in a normally overcast sky?


There is one answer to these questions that is larger than every other.  One answer that speaks to these changes and the cost they are exacting.  It is that “I am You.”  For every bird that sings in the yard when spring comes early, someone, somewhere is losing their livelihood because the fish are disappearing.  For every drop of rain that cools a land that has been characteristically dry at a particular time of year, some reef beneath the ocean is losing its inhabitants.  For every smile of every sunbather who sits outdoors on a warm late winter day, completely immersed in the sunshine, someone, somewhere is taking up their belongings and moving to another town, or city, or location because there is no longer work that the sea once provided.  This is especially true within coastal villages in island locations such as Timor, New Guinea, the Seychelles, and elsewhere. 


We do not know how many lives are being affected by weather pattern changes due to global warming.  We do not know how many anxious nights are being spent wondering how to provide food for a family, now that the fish, or the crabs, or the mussels, or the algae are no longer thriving in colonies.  We only know that we have a choice as to whether we enjoy the warmth, the sun, and the rain for ourselves, or whether we feel the impact on the Earth and on her people – on our people -  the impact of what is happening.


When someone says in the northern climates: “It is only mid-March and the birds are singing,” referring to a place where this normally does not happen till at least a month later,  remember,  it takes only a one degree rise, centigrade, for an entire species to be wiped off the face of the Earth because its habitat and the existing food chain relationships will have changed due to that one degree shift.    Remember, "I am You."  One degree can mean the difference between survival and non-survival for a family of four on land that used to produce enough because the soil was well-nourished,  that now no longer does because the micro-organisms needed for food production are not present in abundance.


I AM YOU.  I am always You.  I am forever You.  There is nothing that happens to me that can be separate from who You are and how You are.  As the Earth changes, I am part of the Earth changing.  I am her pain, now, as she struggles to heal herself.  I am her renewal, also, as she absorbs the new light that has entered her to restore what has been damaged and to bring her to a state of health and radiance that has not existed before.   I will continue to be her later on as people understand that I AM YOU applies to the Earth as well.


When anyone asks you or if you yourself ask about the Ascension Process or what fifth-dimensional consciousness is, or what will happen in the future, point them in the direction of “I AM YOU.” It is the new and sacred consciousness that is arriving within our awareness.  It is arriving for all people, everywhere, and most poignantly, it is arriving none too soon on the shores of those islands already in danger of disappearing, whose very survival depends upon our willingness to embrace this consciousness.



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