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January 30, 2014

THE DAY OF UNITY - America's Future


Those who observe rancor, division, hopelessness, and suffering everywhere must know that the day of unity is on its way, and it shall be produced not by human thought but by God's thought that has ordained that it shall be.




With the President's State of the Union message this week, we are brought into common awareness of the lofty ideals of an administration that has had great difficulty through both of its terms in manifesting the ideals on which it has been based.  The controversy surrounding significant pieces of legislation that have come before the Joint Congress has been intense, and many such policies that would have furthered the wellbeing of large numbers of people who live on the margins of economic viability or who are altogether ignored by those who focus on the accumulation of wealth have not been passed. Those in the public who view the spectacle of Administration versus Congress are often dismayed by the gulf that appears to have grown up between the two, and more specifically, between the political 'right' and the political 'left.'  Behind this drama of conflicting values and goals, however, lies a spiritual drama of great intensity and importance, one that involves the very essence of what America is about and what this time in her history is meant to bring forward.


Forces that seek to undermine the purpose for which America came into being and to prevent the fulfillment of her expansion in light are today actively trying to create division within America so that divided, she shall not stand.  Ultimately, this cannot be, for God has ordained the destiny of America as a house of light.  Nevertheless, as purification moves through individual and collective consciousness, it may seem that the unity of a people in common purpose is further away than it has ever been, and it may seem that there is no way out of this division.


The effect of energies of opposition to light is to create this apparent impasse - to create separation from truth concerning one's individual being as a soul created by God, and concerning the Oneness of each with all. Yet, in the presence of division, and influenced by feelings of threat and fear which create two polarized 'sides' in any discussion concerning national policy, in the throes of such a perception, it is easy to believe that there is no  common ground.  This perception, the absence of common ground, is a manifestation of energies of opposition, and to the extent that it is given credence within the realm of thought and emotion, it allows energies of darkness to create even further division.


In America at this time, the Constitution itself is being interpreted in ways that give greater power to forces and emotions that promote disunity, although this was never the intent of the Founding Fathers.  In fact, the opposite was true.  The intent of those who articulated the ideals of this country was to uphold the vast umbrella of a Republic over all, one that could contain all divergent points of view while sheltering them within one fold.


Such is not the case today in the sentiment of many.  Today, on the political scene, one sees enmity, hatred, belligerence, accusation, and a sense, by some, that those who do not agree with one's point of view are not 'patriotic' or that they have abandoned the Constitution.  Such a view cannot be the foundation of a Republic which holds as its motto: "Out of many, One." It cannot promote the welfare of the many, since those who articulate a point of view held only by a portion, however passionately, and however righteously, have often, in their battle with others, lost their sense of what is needed by the many, a sense that arises primarily from the heart rather than the mind, arising as a primary inner directive.  And it is precisely this loss, a loss of heart-identification of brother with brother, of sister with sister, and of each one with all others, that is being influenced on a national scale by energies opposed to light, energies which seek to create division and to maintain conflict.


We, therefore, who seek a nation that cares for all, must unequivocally reject that which seeks to polarize any portion of our body politic into 'us' and 'them.'  We must know that there is always a common ground that can be found when one understands that the soul of each one ultimately, because it is a soul, seeks the good of all. 


Identifying with the good of all, with the welfare of all rather than just with one's own personal needs, no matter what they may be, is what shall create unity out of disunity.  Understanding the common Source and origin of human beings and placing this commonality in the center of our thought rather than at the periphery is what shall end division.  We, who seek the unity of all in All must refrain from thinking of people as evil or bad, but instead must seek the intention of goodness that lies deep within each heart that bears the greater truth of what the soul of each one holds.  We must, in a word, realize our own soul nature in order to recognize that of others.


The time is coming for this to happen.  The time is coming, after a period of great disunity in this land, for the light of truth to shine within every heart, not as an edict concerning how to act or what to think, but as an inner mandate emerging from the soul, telling the heart what is necessary in order for it to live.


This day is on its way.  Its presence has been written in the Book of Time.  Those who observe rancor, division, hopelessness, and suffering everywhere must know that the day of unity is on its way, and it shall be produced not by human thought but by God's thought that has ordained that it shall be.


May those who wait bless this coming day and pray for its speedy arrival, that all may know themselves as One and may live as One in the embrace of a love that is all inclusive and never-ending.  Amen





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