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March 3, 2016



Valuing integrity as the foundation for strength comes from the choice to value love over fear, to value the inherent goodness of the heart over the anxiety that can be engendered in the mind, and to value the common humanity and underlying similarity within all who appear to be in irreconcilable conflict.




In this time of national decision-making in the U.S. related to the presidential election, in this time of fear concerning the increased power of terrorism on the world stage, in this time of seemingly intractable conflict in Syria, between Israel and Palestine, and in many nations of the world, we are called to ask once again: What is strength?


We have, historically, associated strength with power to exert our will over another.  In this sense strength has been associated with the confidence that we can bend others to our will.  In the current presidential election in the U.S., strength is being praised once again as that which America needs in order to reassert her stature as "the greatest nation in the world." This orientation toward strength creates a view of America's relationship to other nations, but it is also, at this time, a quality that many are gravitating toward within the candidates themselves.  When we look at who appears to win a debate, this is often decided by who can be most assertive on the debate stage by speaking loudly and undermining the expressions of another.  Although many, for this reason, have viewed the presidential debates as "entertainment," our collective need to be entertained by examples of aggression suggests that we value this display despite our complaints about it. We take pride in this demonstration of 'strength.' We feel protected by it and less fearful.


This orientation within our collective consciousness that associates strength with force applied toward others is part of America's history.  It stands in contrast to attitudes of respect for the integrity and rights of others, whether individuals or groups whom we have deemed less worthy than ourselves. The 'strength' of America has been used to force First Nation peoples from their tribal land.  It has been used to seize and bind African-American people in chains and carry them off to be sold as property. And in the last century it has been used to justify a policy of military expansion in order to create the power or force that has no rival anywhere in the world.


Let us picture for a moment a different version of strength, one that would associate it more with integrity and steadfastness rather than with force.  Integrity involves the coherence of all thoughts, words, and actions around one's inner beliefs concerning 'rightness'.  We have integrity if we act consistently from an inner center of moral uprightness, and from a consistent expression of that center through outer action. 


Integrity within the current presidential election would involve candidates in a different behavior pattern than aggression or displays of superiority.  It would engage them in an earnest expression of their deepest convictions and an ability to find within themselves a unique personal language with which to communicate these convictions.  Integrity does not shout.  It does not demand. And it does not apply force to denigrate the views of others. Integrity stands on the virtue of one's own beliefs.  Instead of force it displays firmness.  Instead of superiority it displays respect.  Instead of fear that another will 'win' or exercise power over us if we do not become more aggressive, it trusts the power of doing and expressing what feels right, and it trusts the power of respect to win adherents.


Integrity among individuals as a manifestation of strength would produce cooperation and respect for others.  It would allow the presence of unity in diversity.  Integrity among nations would permit all views to be represented within whatever jurisdiction determines the outcome of a conflict, and would be willing, out of respect, to give credence to another's viewpoint rather than to see it as threatening, to see the kernel of truth within it rather than to deny it altogether.


Valuing integrity as the foundation for strength comes from the choice to value love over fear, to value the inherent goodness of the heart over the anxiety that can be engendered in the mind, and to value the common humanity and underlying similarity within all who appear to be in irreconcilable conflict.  Its greatest virtue lies in presenting us with a choice for action that is not fear-based, but that has a strong moral-center that can carry us through any situation.


Fear denies the usefulness of integrity.  In seeing others as threatening, it conveys the view that only our own superiority protects us.  It dismantles the possibility for love and respect out of the need for such protection.  Fear is the reason for choosing power and force over integrity and love.  Fear is the underminer of all strategies that would unify others instead of dividing them.


We, as individuals and as nations of the world have a choice, today, as to whether we choose our actions based on fear or whether we choose our actions based on integrity.  Fear will lead us in the direction of assuming and holding on to our capacity to force our will upon others as a measure of strength.  It will convey to us that this is the only way that we can be 'safe' in the world or with others.  Integrity will convey to us that if we do what we feel is 'right', if we listen to our own inner convictions without fear, if we trust these convictions to carry our own truth to others, we will, reciprocally, attract to ourselves the integrity of others who will then feel safe with us to convey their own integrity and their own foundational truths.  This is the world that we may create by representing ourselves as ones who do not believe in the strength of force but in the strength of integrity to change the world.





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