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April 6, 2016

Religious Freedom Protection Acts Gain Momentum in Various States 


(Following the bill signed into law by Mississippi Governor Bryant on April 5, 2016)


True freedom cannot exist at the expense of another. One's own freedom cannot cancel out another's freedom and still be true to its intent. This may appear to be the case but is never so. For freedom, in order to be free, must be wedded to love and unity..




Mississippi’s “religious freedom” bill has been signed into law by Governor Phil Bryant. The legislation creates a right to withhold services aiding same-sex marriage and extramarital sex, as well as from transgender people, based on religious objection. (LGBT)


All sorrow to America that is wounded in its heart by its history and by yet another exclusion of those who appear different. "From sea to shining sea" and from colonial times, native populations have been judged to be 'less than' or 'different.' They have been wiped out, disenfranchised, reduced to poverty, and removed from their sacred land. Not all, but most of this, in the name of greater freedom for a certain population at the expense of another. Now, in the name of yet another 'freedom', those with differing sexual orientations will be excluded from various public places with 'justification.'


America's heart weeps, knowing that what operates as a lack of love in relation to others cannot produce true freedom, for it divides up the heart and in doing so one loses a part of oneself that is most human and that most seeks to be free. Such freedom cannot happen at the expense of others. It cannot happen that one freedom cancels out another. It cannot happen because all are one.

Governor Bryant of Mississippi signed House Bill 1523 into law on Tuesday, April 5th, saying in a statement that the measure aims to "protect sincerely held religious beliefs and moral convictions of individuals, organizations and private associations from discriminatory action by state government or its political subdivisions..."


Woe to the heart of America, that grieves at the splitting of its people into those who are deserving of protection by the non-discriminatory 14th amendment of the Constitution, and those who are no longer under its rule. The heart of America weeps for her children who are one and must learn to live as one.


May all blessings of light come to those who seek to segregate and separate one from another, that each one may know themselves to be one with those who presently seem beyond their embrace.





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