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June 29, 2016

THE REVERBERATION OF SHOCK: Britain's Exit from the European Union 


There is a debate going on today about whether it was 'right' for Britain to withdraw from the EU to serve its own national interests. Such a debate is a signature of our time, applying to many situations, both individual and global. We are being called, today, to join our own self-interest with that of others, understanding that there is no real separation between the two, that we are One. Yet forces of opposition are also gathering strength to create a belief in our own separateness.




Dear Beloved Ones,


There is a reverberation of shock moving through the global community today that has to do with Britain's exit from the European Union on June 23rd.  Shock occurs when something that appeared to be stable and permanent gives way unexpectedly.  This can happen in any area of life where predictability in relation to what we thought was secure, suddenly appears not to be.


Many are speaking today about the effects of Britain's removal from the EU and are gauging this effect with a variety of  assessments - from confidence that no other international treaties or relations will be affected, to an evaluation of danger, both economic and political.  Some say that Britain's exit may sound the death knell for the European Union itself, with the expectation that other nations will follow suit.


Beloved Ones, shock can lead to fear, and fear creates consequences of its own that can lead in the direction of greater instability as increased protective measures are taken to insure that one's own security remains intact. Fear is an underminer, both for individuals and for nations.  It undermines the principle of cooperation and the principle of love, and supports a reversion to the ego's  self-protective defenses in which each person or nation takes care of themselves.  This movement is going on in the world today, supported by forces of opposition to light that benefit from the expansion of fear.  Such forces also benefit from the experience of polarization, of which the present circumstance forms one example.


What is polarization?


Polarization creates a picture of opposing views at extreme ends of a spectrum, with the belief that the extreme discrepancy between one end and the other means that these views are irreconcilable.  Polarization exists today between those who seek a future built on increased unity among nations and between peoples, and those who would seek to erect further boundaries and walls in the name of furthering either economic or political 'security.' Such polarization may be considered the emotional 'signature' of our time, a time in which forces of expanding light are steadily though often invisibly bringing forth a movement toward greater unity, while at the same time oppositional forces are seeking to take things apart, whether within the family of nations or within the community of people within any given nation.  It is important to be aware of this polarization, for each soul who is incarnated on the Earth today is here to play their part in relation to it.


An additional polarization is taking place today between those who advocate 'freedom' as a primary directive, and those who support 'unity' as a primary goal,  with many increasingly seeing these two as opposite in purpose and in viewpoint. Those who seek 'freedom' at the expense of unity would be glad for the sovereign right of each nation or individual to exercise its own prerogatives and priorities and to separate its identity from the rest in order to most effectively meet its own needs.  (Britain's exit from the EU could be seen as an examplel of this.) Those who seek unity at the expense of freedom would blur differences among nations or individuals, and seek to impose a single norm over all participants in a collective agreement that might not adequately respect the unique rights and needs of individual participants in this agreement. (The European Union has been criticized by some for this very reason). Polarization is a perspective built on fear and the sense that these two positions cannot come together.  As a result, the world becomes divided into 'camps,' filled by those who favor one position or the other.


Beloved Ones, within the overarching spiritual vibration of light and in the absence of fear, there is no opposition between 'freedom' and 'unity.' Light holds both within itself as the understanding that there is no separation between what serves the good of one and what serves the good of all.  Light holds this deeper truth that none are separated from the rest, and therefore there is truly no such thing as each person or each nation operating for themselves in service to their own needs since all are One.


It is the recognition of underlying Wholeness and Unity that resolves the polarization between 'freedom' and 'unity' on the level of action and of decision-making.  It is this recognition that the world is moving toward, and that the forces of opposition are trying to dismantle.


As we view and respond to the exit of Britain from the European Union, and as we attend to the various responses to that exit, it is important to understand that all that creates an identity in greater separation from the welfare of all is moving in a direction that is less in resonance with the purposes of light, even though it may appear to be.  And all that would propose an irreconcilable conflict between 'freedom' and 'unity' is also moving in a direction of more limited vision, rather than a vision of the future that holds both to be joined in the Oneness of all. 


May we come to know ourselves as not separate from the rest, whether as individuals or as nations, and may world leaders arise that can lead us in the direction that spiritual light has set forth and that the Earth is ready and waiting to receive.  May all hearts come to honor this principle that lives at the very heart and core of  being.




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A new day is dawning today, a new birth for the planet. You who are here are asked to join more fully now with the purposes of Divine light, to advance the consciousness shift that is taking place.  This shift will bring great light, love, and healing to a longsuffering Earth, and hope and transformation to a waiting and longing people.



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