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November 12, 2016



In the aftermath of the presidential election in the U.S., many are trying today to make sense of an outcome that was unexpected and in some instances feared. This poem has to do with the way of absorbing shock, not only in this situation but in any situation in which the unexpected comes to pass in a life-altering way.




Life brings to us the unexpected that no

longer makes sense to our mind or senses.

In our confusion, we are disarrayed

inside as well as outside.

Our very organs themselves seem to

no longer be in familiar places.

Our skin feels different as it touches

the air around us.

Shock occurs, and the world seems changed.

In fact, our world is changed,

and we must absorb the new reality.

Our breathing has to take in the new

rhythm of life.

Our vision has to adjust to a world that

feels very different but often looks the same.

Our mind must try and often fail to make

sense of what has happened,

for by its very nature, shock dislodges

the basic premises of the mind.

Therefore, we must go deeper than the

mind, to our breath itself.

We breathe in and out, regulating our

internal rhythm as best we can.

We let the emotions sweep through us

that claim more space than we had

thought possible.

We breathe in and out, once again.

The world has changed, but we are the

same in our depth.

We hold the center of our being in the

way that we did before events

catapulted us into a new reality.

Our being is not changed.

We reach for our being.

We reach for the light of our being.

We reach for the truth of our being,

our deepest truth.

In this way we adapt to a new world,

not through force of will or through

elegance of mind creating reasons and


but through breathing in and out and

allowing the new reality to penetrate

our bloodstream.

We breathe in and out, affirming the life

that flows through us that continues to flow

through us with its goodness and presence.

We are.

That is the ultimate answer to the dislodging

property of a reality that has changed.

We are.

And out of this fact, life may continue

around the center that has not been altered,

that is our safe harbor of truth and love.




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