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February 20, 2017



Vibration is a key that communicates to our inner knowing not only whether truth is present, but whether light and love are present as well. We each have the capcity of discernment as souls created by the One.




Dear Beloved Ones,

We are at a time, today, when it has become quite difficult for us to know on a collective level what is happening within public life, within the halls of government or in the rooms of policy-making. Uncertainty about facts creates anxiety or fear, and fear invites us to create projections about what is happening in place of truth. Out of fear, we create a view of reality which leads to more fear, and this view in turn perpetuates itself to interpret new events along the lines of our fear. Many hearts are stirred in this way at this time, and as a result there is increased vigilance and defensiveness of one group toward another, each one of whom perceives the other through the eyes of fear as a threat.

The dilemma for all citizens of this nation at this time in relation to perceiving truth is a serious one, and must be faced without constructing a version of reality based in fear that may or may not be true. It is at such a time that it is essential to know that there is a place to go inside oneself to determine what is true - the place of one's deeper self, the place of one's deeper knowing. In this place, what we know is not primarily based on the content of what we are receiving as information, but on our inner response to the vibration or feeling that this content carries. We feel, within this deeper place, what has more light, love, and truth in it, and what has less. We make this discernment not with our mind, but with our heart and with our body.

There have been other epochs in history when discernment of truth has been difficult.  However, in all instances the inner sense of what is right and true remains to be aligned with by holding fast to it, and not allowing fear to be the dominant force shaping belief or opinion. The need at this time is similar - to understand that outer reality can impinge upon our consciousness without shaping our consciousness, without compelling us to believe or hold the version of reality that we are presented with. Our inner sense of truth is the source of our discernment, and we are each capable of going deeper within ourselves to find it when life circumstances become confusing or difficult to interpret. Here, it is not a matter of what the mind tells us, especially when presented with several different versions of reality, but what our deeper self perceives as the vibrational truth of a given perspective. Vibration is a key, that communicates to our inner knowing not only whether truth is present, but whether light and love are present as well. We each have the capcity of discernment as souls created by the One.

Many of us have come to trust our minds more than any other part of ourselves, so that this process may feel shaky. We may have also come to believe what we are told by those who claim to speak with authority, denying our own inner authority to make this determination. Now, we must claim our own authority, registering our inner knowing and allowing it to guide us toward the place of deeper truth.

Each human being is a child of the Divine, an embodied soul upon the Earth. It is for this reason that we must seek our inner knowing, especially at times of uncertainty, because it is there, it is real, and it is accessible to us.

Beloved Ones, this present time is calling forth many soul qualities from us because of the needs of the time, and one of the important ones lies in trusting our inner spiritual senses which tell us when love is present in a point of view or in a way of speaking and when it is not. The reward for this discernment is that we embrace the freedom that we have been given as children of the Divine to make up our own mind about what is real, and liberate ourselves from forces that would seek to convey to us a different reality.

We are each free to choose what we hold to be real. This is our true freedom, and it is given to us as part of our being-ness upon the Earth.

With all love and blessings – Julie



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