Articles and Commentary  on the Inner Side of World Events

This newsletter embodies the new and emerging planetary consciousness, based in spiritual light, that is moving all of humanity toward an awareness of Oneness.  Such an awareness requires great change on multiple levels in order for it to happen, and so the upheavals many withness today on social, political, economic, and environmental levels are all part of this picture.  

It is a time of great challenges, of great dangers and of new possibilities, and many are suffering as the tide of change creates the need to let go of old ways of doing things and old ways of relating to others and to the Earth.  During this time, what is most important is to remain faithful to love and to the awareness of God's love, holding in one's heart the suffering of others as one does so. Such faithfulness will allow one to most fully realize the potential of this time - that of a new and sacred consciousness for all of humanity and of a deep and profound healing for the Earth.

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