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10 18 40 60 - A Prayer
A Darkened America
A New America - The Return of the Sacred
A New Ethic for America
A New Standard for Presidential Elections
A New Vibration - The New START (Strategic Arms Reduction) Treaty
A Pivotal Choice for America
A Step Forward for Equality
A Storm is Building
A Time of Dispersion
A Time of Transition
A Time of Upheaval
A Time to Weep
A Video-Catalyst for Rage - Forces of Unity and Separation
Above the Law: The Purification of America
Advent of Light
Africa Overview
"Africa Reborn"
After Myanmar
Aggression and Dominance: The Way of the Past
Al Gore's Peace Prize and Planetary Awakening - A Spiritual Commentary
Amazon Forest - Sacred Heart of the Earth, The
America in Crisis - A Time for Renewal
America's 'Born-Again' Christians
America's Economic Crisis - A Spiritual Perspective
America's Presidential Campaigns: The Need For A New Vision
    America Series - Part I
America's Tears: The Replacement of Ideals by Ideology
American Belief and Religion
An Awakening Earth
An End to Adversaries and the Creation of Unity
An End to Despotism: The Victory of Light
An End to 'Second-Class' Citizens
Another Chance for the World - The Gulf Oil Spill and the Israeli Raid
Another House of Cards
Arafat, Yasser. A commentary on the life and legacy of....
As California Burns - The Purification of the Earth
Bangladesh and the Growth of Relationship
Basis for Hope
Beginning of the New - A Message of Hope, The
Being Without Water - The Interaction of Events and Consciousness
Beslan, Russia
Beyond the Law
Beyond Time - The Shift into Timelessness
Body of America: The Immigration Debate, The
Borders and Boundaries - Refugees and the Relationship Between Self and Other
'Bush Doctrine' and the Cultivation of Fear
Calendar of 100 Days
Call to Accountabioity - America's Redemption from the Past
Capacity to Discern, The
Capital Punishment
Chain of Victimization
Changing Consciousness, Changing the World
Changing Our Hearts
"Cherries in the Spring"
China, An Activist Speaks Out About
Civil Liberties at a Time of Danger
Climate change, consciousness, and accountability
Clothing We Wear - New Choices for a New Time, The
Coalition Forces Endanger Humanitarian Action in Afghanistan
Commemoration - A Call to Love and Unity
Compassion for Those Who Do Harm
Contaminated Water, Flint, Michigan - A Spiritual Perspective
Cost of War, The
Crisis in the Middle East
Current Division in America: The Meaning of Freedom
Day of Unity - America's Future, The
Dealing With Economic Fear
Death of Benazir Bhutto and the Power of Love, The
Death of Innocence
Departing Souls
Desire for Change and the Fear of Change in America, The
Destiny of Nations, The
Discovering the Essential - The Space Station and the Pump
Dramas We Do Not See, The
'Dubai Ports World' and America's Security
Earthlight: Man's Evolving Relationship with Nature
Economics of Giving, The
Effect of Increased Light on the Animal Kingdom, The
Election 2008 - A Spiritual and Political Marker
'End-Times' Perspective: A New Look at the 'Rapture'
Energetic Influences on Depression and Despair
Erosion of Democracy in America, The
Eternal Present, The
Expansion of Light and the Influence of Darkness:
     The 'Cartoon Controversy', The
Factionalism in Egypt and the World
Fire That Burns: The current crisis in Egypt, The
Flame of Protest, The
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Freedom and Unity - What You Can Do
Freedom and Unity - The Great American Political Divide
'Freedom', In the Name of
From 'Dominion' to 'Relationship With' - The Journey of Consciousness
From 'Gender Binary' to 'Gender Spectrum' Identity - A New Basis for Equality
'Gaia', The Emergence of
Geneva Conventions
Gesture, What is in a ....?
Giving Thanks in America, 2012
Global Purification - Light and Darkness
Global Purification: The Separation of Light and Darkness
Guantanamo Bay and the Problem of Forgiveness

Gun Control Legislation - A Spiritual Perspective

Great Spiritual Awakening of the Earth, The
'Health Care Summit' and Energies That Influenced It
Heart of the Earth - An Emerging Reality
Holding Darkness in Light: Global Purification
"Holding Fast - A Prayer"
Holding the Light for Haiti
Holding the World
Honoring the Sacrifice
Hopi Myth of Creation
How Things Change - Compromise and Commitment
Hunger and Homelessness in America
"I Am America"
I Am You - A New Consciousness for the Earth
If the World Could Rely on 'Plumpy'nut'
Images in Media: The Pornography of Violence
India Today: The Purification of Sexual Darkness and the Empowerment of Women
In Memoriam: The Shaking of the Earth
Innocence and Scandal - A Choice for Our Time
In Pursuit of Truth: Examining Definitions
In Pursuit of Truth: Hidden Agendas
In the Midst of Darkness
In This Time
Influence of Darkness on the Consciousness of Man, The
Information, The power of ....
In the name of 'Religious Freedom'
Israeli Plans for Arafat's Death
Karma of America
Karma of New Orleans, The
Karma of Power
Language of Love, The
Letters of Mother Theresa, The
Letting Go of Cynicism
Light America
Light and Darkness - The Cosmic Drama
Living With the Unknown
Looming Conflict With Iran, The
Love and Freedom
Love In An Election Year
Meaning of Tomorrow, The
Meaning of the Gulf Oil Spill - A Message for Our Time, The
Media, Culture, and the Language of the Heart
Nature of Upheaval - Personal, National, Planetary, The
National Strategy for Victory in Iraq
Need for a New Ethic in American Presidential Campaigns, The
Nelson Mandela - Tribute to a life lived in service
New Orleans - The Communal Soul of a Nation
New View of Property - Moving Into Higher Consciousness, The
'Normalcy' of Deception, The
Nuclear Night
Nuclear Threat and Martial Law
'Occupy Wall Street' - A Spiritual Perspective
'Occupy Wall Street' Touches Hearts
'One Earth Awakening' Forum
"Open Door, The"
Overcoming Stereotypes in America - The George Zimmerman Trial
Palestine and Israel: A Portrait of Two Peoples
Pakistan, Power, and the Transformation of Consciousness
Passageway of Hope
Patriot Act, The
Patriotism of Diversity, The
People's Voice - Protests in Turkey and Brazil, The
'Personal' and the 'Global,' The
Planetary Purification - A View of the Recent Crisis in Georgia
Planetary Ascension
Plantary Transformation – The Earth's Role in the Cosmos
Plantary Transformation – The Time We Are In
Plantary Transformation – The World As We Know It
Polarization - An Attitude and an Energy
Polarization and Conflict
Poems for the Earth
Point of Balance - Healing for the Heart, The
Politics of Cooperation, The
Politics of Compromise
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - A Spiritual Perspective
Prayers for America - Election 2008
Prayers for America and for the World
Prayers for a New America
'Preaching to the Nations': The 'Word' and the 'word'
Present Danger The World Faces: A Call To Peace, The
Presidential Election 2012 - A Spiritual Perspective
Presidential Politics and the Values of the Heart
Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, and the Spiritual Process of Incarnation
'Pro-life', What does it mean to be ....?
Purification and Truth - The Task of Light
Purification, Sexual Scandals, and the Return to Sacred Sexuality
Purification of the Earth, The
Pursuit of Liberty, The
Reclaiming One's Consciousness
Redefining Depression
Redemption of a Planet, The
Refugee Crisis and the Awakening of Conscience, The
Religious Right', the 'End Times', and Public Policy
Religious Right', the 'Liberal Left', and Response to the Tsunami, The
Return to Nobility, The
Revenge, The Sweeping Tide of
Reverberation of Shock: Britain's Exit from the European Union, The
Right to Protest, The
"River of Peace"
" Road Ahead, The"
Sacred Moment, The
Sacred Voting
Sacred Nature of the Presidential Office, The
Saddam Hussein: Justice and Forgiveness
Saudi Women, the Election, and the Power of Symbols
Search for Truthfulness, The
Sense of the Holy
Separation of Light and Darkness, The
Shadow of Fear and the Plight of Syria's Refugees, The
Shadow That Hovers Over America, The

Shadow of Violence That Hovers Over America, The

Small Miracles - The People's Inaugural
Soul's Purpose, The
Source of Hope Within, The
Space Beyond, The
Species Extinction and You
'Spiritual' and the 'Political', The
Spiritual Realms, The
Spiritual Origins of Religious Terrorism
Spirituality and Politics - The Interface
Stars and Star Poems
Star Poem: "Cone Nebula in Monoceros"
'State of Exception,' The
Sudden Death of Children, The
Suffering of the Hostages
Taking Part in Planetary Ascension
Earth Purifies - Earth Changes, Flooding, and Extreme Weather Patterns, The
There is Another Way
Space Beyond, The
Time of Awakening, The
Tragic Loss of Iraqi Life: A Commentary for the Future, The
Transformation of Anger - From Accusation to Affirmation , The
Transformation of the Living Earth , The
Those We Disagree With
Transformation of the Living Earth - Part II.
Truth Force ('Satyagraha') and the Future of the Earth
Truth on Trial
Unity of Nations
Video Catalyst for Rage
Violence in America
Violence in Egypt, Syria, the World
Violence in Virginia and the Time We Are In
Who Is a Stranger?
We Need to Feed the World
What is a Republic?
"What Is Death?"
What is Freedom?  Freedom and the 'Free-Market Economy'
What Is Strength?
What Is Unity?
"What Price Victory"
What Would It Take to Change the World?
    The U.N. Millenium Project Report
    The Advent of Light
When Tragedy Happens
Who Are the Lost Ones?
Who are the 'others'? The Division within America.
"Whose Hands"
Words and Energy: Developing a Feeling for Truth
World Council of Nations: A Planetary Perspective
Your Spiritual Vote Matters


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