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December, 2013
Blessings for the New Year - 2014
Dear Beloved Ones,
As the year draws to a close, let us take an in-breath together that we may draw to ourselves all that has been manifested during the time of waiting in the past few years, all that has remained contracted, or difficult, or unresolvable, and let us prepare for an out-breath in which all such manifestation can be released into the new air of the new year.

This out-breath shall bring to us the possibility for new beginnings in areas where no new energy seemed to be available or able to penetrate present obstacles.  It shall bring to us the possibility for new hope in the triumph of light over darkness and trust over mistrust and doubt.

For the era of doubt and mistrust has been greatly amplified by the period of contraction that a great many have lived through in recent years through no fault of their own, but only because of the balance of light and dark energies upon and within the Earth itself.  Now that balance shall change.

Such is the time that we are moving into, and such is God's promise to the children of the Earth, that out of darkness new light would break forth, and its rays would shine like the noonday sun in an otherwise darkened world.  Blessings and amen. 

May the new year bring peace and hope to a world that has waited long for these.

NEW WRITINGS in December
Posts from the Julie-Light Omega Facebook page
Dec. 1st
Each being has an energy 'signature' that attracts them to certain others. Behold your parent, child, partner, co-worker. There is no relationship that is accidental, none that does not promote healing.
Dec. 5th
On the path of light it is important to walk lightly, without the burden of your own ego which judges your own progress and evaluates what you deem to be 'mistakes.' Let it all go, for this transference of the ego to the realm of spirit will only slow you down. it will not cause you to learn more.
Dec. 9th
The universe is very vast, but human beings, often beset by troubles, can only see a tiny portion of what is happening. Look around you. Breathe. Notice that you are part of a larger world - a world beyond your own mental process. This is a first step toward liberation - knowing that you are wearing blinders.
Dec. 15th
You can choose how you wish to live. You can choose the reality that you hold. If those around you perceive things differently, bless them with your desire that each one receive what they need, knowing that God perceives this need in its deepest and truest aspects.

No matter how different another's point of view from your own, you can always ask: "May they receive what they need." This helps to open the door to greater light, truth, wisdom, love. It increases Divine flow in relation to your blessing.
New in December
I Am You - A New Consciousness for the Earth - Light Omega Newsletter, Dec. 8th
This Newsletter was written to place in the foreground the new spiritual consciousness that is meant to heal the Earth and to address the problem of climate change. "I am You."
The source of hope.

An End to Adversaries and the Creation of Unity - Light Omega Newsletter, Dec. 13th
For all peace-seekers and peacemakers, an understanding of the basis for unity in the Divine/humanity of each human being.

We Need to Feed the World - Light Omega Newsletter, Dec. 20th

"Earth Star Prayer" (Listen) -  Prayer for a new day.
We come before you into the vastness
of the unmanifested light,
Giving thanks for the act of perpetual Creation
that is forever bringing forth
life from light,  Read entire prayer...
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