Extended Community Newsletter - No. 4
Light Omega

February, 2014
A New Day Begins
Dear Beloved Ones,
A new day is beginning under the cover of darkness, and all who are embodied shall benefit from it.  Although much appears unchanged both individually and collectively, the fermenting process that is accelerating the infusion of light within the Earth and within all bodies has reached a new stage of activity.  That this cannot yet be seen is a cause in many to feel discouraged and despairing, and is part of the effect of having waited so long for things to change.  Yet, the new day has already begun, and it can be seen in the elevation of the heart to a new level of importance and activity within the lives of many, including those precious lives that are being lost, today, in the many places and circumstances in which violent conflict is an outcome of the collision of light and darkness.
For those who have waited long for things to change, it is important to know that the rays of light that will produce change are already doing so, and that the catalytic action of God's holy Word having entered the Earth has already begun to affect the consciousness of many.  If this is still invisible to you as it is to many, then pray to feel an alignment with the higher Realms of Light, for within these Realms all is known that is emerging, and hope and confident anticipation can act as a buoy for hearts that are flagging or weary.
All who have dedicated themselves in service to the light and to God's purposes shall feel the benefit of this dedication in the times ahead, even if at the present moment this seems like a distant hope.  All who have been faithful servants of the One shall know the fruits of that love that has enabled them to endure through times of great hardship. 
May all who wait know that a new day has arrived, and its effects shall be tangible and visible to all embodied beings upon the Earth.  Amen. 

NEW WRITINGS in February
Posts from the Julie-Light Omega Facebook page
Jan. 28th
Giving birth to the new - The soul chooses how much it will seek to accomplish in a lifetime. Where a great deal is sought, many challenges are often present as well. This is the task of the children of the Earth at this time - to give birth to the new within themselves and upon the Earth.
Jan. 29th
As a sailor clings to the tiller of a sailboat in the midst of a storm, cling to the goodness of God in the midst of travail of any kind. This goodness resides in your soul, even when your feelings cannot feel it.
Jan. 31st
Pain is a teacher, and what it teaches can only be learned by going through it. For many, it offers an accelerated path of spiritual growth, one that has been chosen by the soul for just this reason. Trust God along this unknown path, for you are being led to a new place of alignment with your soul.
Feb. 20th
Do you want to know your soul-purpose? Begin with what you love and what brings you joy.

Joy can be about love, about truth, about meaning, about feeling in right relationship to life. It can arise in relation to people, but also in relation to ideas, words, goals, and places. Most deeply and of the soul, joy can be about loving God.
New in February
Jan. 31st
"The Day of Unity - America's Future" - when "the lion shall lie down with the lamb," refers to an era of peace, a time when conflict shall be seen to be on the surface of who we are, and the deeper truth of our common Divine heritage shall be paramount.
Feb. 16th
It is time for us to wonder about the way we use words and the degree to which the tender feelings of the heart are separated from the words we use. It is also time to take notice of the way in which our culture perpetuates the degree of separation that we feel from others....
Feb. 19th
Response of Light.com Meditation/Prayer Vigil to bring light to the violence in Kiev, Ukraine.  This is a group of spiritual 'first-responders' acting to bring spiritual help at times of crisis or need. Join the mailing list to receive future 'Alerts.'
Feb. 23rd
Species Extinction and You  That which is lost is a personal loss to the body in which all are one. It is a loss to your own being.   
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A new "Calendar of Light" program and seminar series on purification and transformation into light. 
This will be a 10 month program of daily calendar readings, spiritual practices and meditations, and twice-monthly 'seminars' with Julie.  A suggested donation will be requested in advance in reciprocity for what is being received.  The "Calendar of Light" is the contemporary version of ancient teachings of light, and is unique in its exposition of the path of personal and planetary transformation.  Begin to prepare now by considering your own intention and the inner guidance you have been receiving regarding purification and change.
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