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March, 2014
Caring for Your Light-body
Dear Beloved Ones,
The Earth is changing in its physical/energetic structure, and along with it, all who inhabit physical bodies are moving into a higher vibration of light.  What this means is that certain things that were possible before in the way of mistreatment of the body will now have stronger negative effects, and certain things that were not possible before such as being aware of spiritual perceptions, energetic sensations, and a flow of emotions that seem to rise out of nowhere, will now become more common.
These effects are part of taking on a body of light, something that is not chosen through an act of will but that can be enhanced through the practices that one now applies to the body and to one's consciousness. The overall perspective needs to be held that purification of all that is not light within the self is now taking place, and as a result, an upsurge of both physical, mental, and emotional conditions that have no rational explanation will now more easily appear.
To care for your light-body, there are three levels that must be addressed:
1) Physical.  Your diet will have a strong influence on the amount of spiritual light that your body can carry, with those who are eating denser foods or foods that add toxins to the body reducing the amount of light that can be held.
2) Emotional.  Your emotional life needs increasingly to be held within a spiritual perspective, since the increasing force of light will bring emotions to the fore that may be difficult to deal with and that have a spiritual origin rather than a psychological one.
3) Spiritual.  You need to anchor yourself in a regular spiritual practice that involves prayer or meditation or just being quiet on a regular basis so that messages from your own higher self can be perceived more clearly, as well as guidance from those who are guiding you.
This is the time of change, beloved ones, and your soul has chosen to be here to take part in it as fully as possible.  May your efforts be rewarded by the grace of God's light which will bring to you what your deepest heart most desires.  Amen. 
With all love and blessings - Julie
To understand the purification process and the transition into light more fully, read about the Purification Process.
To participate most fully in the care, healing, and transformation of your light-body, take part in the Calendar of Light.  See the announcement below.
Listen also to the April 26th talk called "You Are What You Eat."

Posts from the Julie-Light Omega Facebook page
Feb. 26th
There is a place for you in the world, and it was created by the dictates of your soul in keeping with the requirements of this time on Earth. This place is larger than it appears, for you are larger than you appear.
Feb. 27th
In every life there may be those who do not approve of what you think, feel, wish for. They are there to help strengthen you in your ability to affirm your own truth, your own true self. They may also be there as a path of service that your soul has undertaken, to bring new values and perceptions to those who are in fear.
March 13th
You are part of the Earth, the body of the Mother, connected to all that is. And just as your arms and legs are part of your one body, so, too, are you part of the Earth's body, for there is only One here.
March 18th
The freedom to choose our life is given with each breath. There is no moment in which a choice cannot be made to live as God would have us live, purely, freely, creating life anew. To do this, one must choose an identity in God, not an identity in the past. This is God's love in action, creating the freedom to be.
New in March
March 22nd
Awakening Earth - New Facebook page
For all who seek a deeper relationship with the Earth.
There is only one Life, one Body that we share with the Earth. This new FB page seeks to explore and reveal those aspects of our collective awareness that can deepen our sense of unity with the Earth. Also, perspectives on being at one with the Earth in daily life. 
March 8th
Waiting in service to the purposes of the Divine anchors a light force on the Earth that is the 'light of faithfulness.'  Through each embodiment it becomes transmitted to the Earth as a whole.
Coming Soon...
A new "Calendar of Light" program and seminar series on purification and transformation into light. 
This will be a 10 month program of daily calendar readings, spiritual practices and meditations, and twice-monthly 'seminars' with Julie.  Begin now to prepare by considering your own intention regarding purification and change. Let the light lighten your awareness of the life that is possible.
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