Extended Community Newsletter - No. 6
Light Omega

April, 2014
From the Heart of Love
Dear Beloved Ones,

The choice is being made today in many places, both individually and collectively, in one's personal life and on the world stage, whether to act from a motive of love or whether to act from a motive of fear which leads to a need to seize control. 

On the world stage, we can see this clearly in terms of autocratic leadership that becomes despotic toward those who are governed, leading to an abridgment of personal liberties and the creation of a government that is separate from the people.  On the stage of one's personal life, this choice can be more subtle, for it has to do with whether, in the presence of conflict, discomfort, or difficulty, one becomes defensive and reactive as if one were threatened, or whether one chooses to embrace others as brothers and sisters of the soul, here to explore their own divinity as each one is. 

The choice for love involves forgiveness of all.  It involves compassionate understanding of all and a willingness to hold the unconsciousness of others in the healing balm of love rather than in the sterile environment of judgment and accusation.  It is the determination of each one as to how, when, and where this can best be done.

Beloved ones, life is increasingly shaping itself to resonate with these motives of love and fear, love leading to a desire to join with others and to help others in the sense of a shared life, and fear leading to separation and the need to protect oneself as a dominant motive.  This polarization is part of the transition that the Earth is going through and the transition that all beings that inhabit her are going through, and it is the consciousness of each individual that will allow for greater joining with the forces of light and of unity that can create a new and sacred world.

We send to you all blessings and gratitude for your desire to be present here at this most holy time of transition, for God's sacred plan for all beings is being made manifest now and will continue to be so until all are united within the Divine umbrella of love.
With all love and blessings - Julie


Posts from the Julie-Light Omega Facebook page
April 7th
The shift to a larger identity can take place in any moment. It involves the willingness to let one's personal story line become a little separate from oneself. A little less important. In its place - not knowing.
April 11th
All is relationship. We are relating to everything around us all of the time. The trees, plants, sky, persons we don't know, even objects beckon to us to acknowledge this. To acknowledge that we are one..
April 13th
We are here to recognize and to celebrate the new, the gift of Divine blessing. To do this, openness to the possibilities of each moment is needed. Do not be afraid to leave your mental process behind. You will not lose something. You will gain yourself.
April 20th
A new day is born. A new song is being sung. This is God''s life revealing itself in the present to those who can let go of the old, who are willing to become new. All blessings for the new life that is being born and for the Earth that rejoices. 

Coming in June... THE CALENDAR OF LIGHT and
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10.  Relationships

11.  7 Principles of Purification

For those who may be in doubt about making a long term commitment to spiritual learning and growth such as this, let hope be your guide that a life that is based on principles you wish to live by can become more possible as a result of this investment of time and energy.  This can happen as spiritual light lightens your awareness concerning how to let go of what you would rather not retain, and how to reach toward that which you wish for.   For further information and to sign up go to Calendar of Light.  Payment can be made via PayPal beginning with the next Newsletter toward the end of May.  One-time contribution or monthly installments.
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