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May, 2014
Creating a New Earth
Dear Beloved Ones,

A new path and a new way is opening before you.  It is not the way of the past but the way of the future for you and for all of humanity.  This path is based on the more complete incorporation of energies of spiritual light that have not been present on the Earth in the fullness that they are now arriving.  The time is now, and all possibility opens before you to choose the life that you would prefer to have, rather than the life you may have anticipated or expected as a result of past experience and history.

The new Divine reality that is arriving is based on the greater closeness of each human being to their own soul's truth and to the values that their soul contains. This greater joining will make of life on Earth a new life and of each individual heart a new heart.  For what the soul teaches is what it innately knows, namely, the oneness of all that is and the love that lives at the foundation of all of life.

Many are already embarked upon this transition.  Many are already experiencing the changes that greater light can bring, both in terms of expanded awareness and in terms of the release into consciousness of all that remains to be healed.  These are two aspects of the same process, the process of purification which is the transformative path into the light of the soul.  Whether you experience more of one aspect or the other depends upon your own unique needs and your own unique life journey.

The 'Calendar of Light' is here to help all who wish it to navigate this transition with awareness and grace.  Some may go through this process gracefully without any additional knowledge, but many will benefit from understanding the process of change that light brings and from knowing how to align with the Divine core of their own being. 

Beloved ones, this is the time that the Earth has waited for and you are here to take part in it with full awareness to the extent that you wish to.  All will take part in it in any case, since all who are embodied are here to experience the expansion that light brings.

All blessings, beloved ones, for the journey that you have chosen to be part of is the greatest adventure that conscious beings can undertake - the adventure of experiencing the deeper reality of who you are, and the joy of experiencing the Divine Oneness that is present in all of life.

With all love and blessings - Julie

Your Invitation to the Calendar -  Listen
The Calendar of Light is a 10 month program of
- e-mailed teachings,
- spiritual practices that apply to daily life,
- guided meditations, and
- twice-monthly 'seminars' with Julie (optional)
The Calendar can be begun at any time, creating a path of transformation based on principles of light that will help each one live life as a sacred being upon the Earth.  For those who may be in doubt about their ability to make a long term commitment to spiritual learning and growth such as this, let hope be your guide that a life that is based on principles you wish to live by can become more possible as a result of this investment of time and energy.  This can happen as spiritual light lightens your awareness concerning how to let go of what you would rather not retain, and how to reach toward that which you wish for.
To learn more about this Calendar, you are invited to the Sunday gathering, June 8th, which offers an "Introduction to the Calendar of Light." See side panel under "Light Omega Gatherings" for GoToMeeting link.

For those who are concerned about over-commitment, it is important to note that what will determine whether this path of learning feels like a burden or a newly found freedom depends upon one's soul readiness to receive the teachings of the Calendar.  For these are designed to take identity from one level of awareness to a higher level, the level of the soul. Assisting in this process are the twice-monthly sacred 'seminars' offered by Julie which can offer support and answer questions about things that may be unclear.
In order to create a sense of breathing room, two short breaks are introduced into the Calendar after Day 30 and Day 61 so that the mind can rest or reflect upon the process that has been taking place.
In terms of content, there are eleven sections to the Calendar with specific teachings within each:

1.  Food

2.  Energies

3.  Emotions

4.  Light

5.  Darkness

6.  Evolution of Souls

7.  The Nature of Thought

8.  Doubt and Trust

9.  Higher Purpose

10.  Relationships

11.  7 Principles of Purification

For further information and to sign up go to Calendar of Light.  Payment can be made via PayPal.  One-time contributions or monthly installments are possible. Individual arrangements can also be made where the need is clear.
New writings from the Light Omega website:
"Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, and the Spiritual Process of Incarnation" - Light Omega Newsletter, May 8th.
The shift to a larger identity can take place in any moment. It involves the willingness to let one's personal story line become a little separate from oneself. A little less important. In its place - not knowing.
There is a new level of understanding that we must get to as we approach the issues of end-of-life care, decision-making, and the transition from physical life to death. This is the level of the sacred inner life of the soul that exists beyond the observable aspects of physical life and functioning.
See sidebar under "Gatherings" for talk on Sun., June 22nd.
Coming into being now, an ecovillage devoted to the principles of light and to living in harmony with the sacred earth.

Gratitude and Donations - A universal principle.

If you have been benefiting from Julie's many freely-given offerings including Calendars, podcasts, writings, videocasts, Messages of Light by Request, videos, etc., we humbly ask you to consider making a donation in any amount to Light Omega in gratitude for what is freely given as Divine blessing.

Please help us continue our work.   Contributions can be accepted through PayPal or mail to: PO Box 9301, No. Amherst, MA  01059.  Read our Philosophy of Donations.

This is our seventh Mailing List Newsletter, and we thank you for being with us.  Please note the NL Archive link below which will allow you to view previous newsletters.  Expect the next Newsletter toward the end of June with unique events updated before then. As always, we are  delighted to receive your feedback about this Newsletter or any part therein.

Julie's talk forms the first part of each videocast.
Sundays, 10:25-11:45 (EST); 2:25-3:45PM (GMT)
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Vision of an ecovillage based on the sacred principles of light.
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Calendar of Light Seminars with Julie
Sun., June 8th.
Open to all. See Light Omega Gatherings
Entering the Calendar of Light - Living a Sacred Life (Seminar)
Sat., June 21st, 10:30am
Link e-mailed to Calendar subscribers
You will need to pre-register and download the GoToWebinar App in advance. Please arrive early.
One World Meditations
Wednesdays, 8:30-9pm (EST); 1:30-2am(GMT)
A global network of light infused by the higher Realms of Light.  Read more...
Response of Light
Spiritual first-responders, offering help at times of crisis or need. Please join us.

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