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April, 2016
The World is Awakening

Dear Beloved Ones,

It has been almost two years since the last publication of this Newsletter, a time filled with activity and devotion for all who follow the path of light. There are many souls, now, who are dedicated to listening for the Voice that speaks inwardly as a whisper of truth, the Voice that seeks to guide action and thought if one were to turn toward it. Many, many, beloved ones, are turning in this direction, some with self-awareness of spiritual openings, some without words but with an inner knowing. 

When the world looks discouraging to you, when you feel, as many do, that things are out of control, when you sense darkness hovering around the edges of so many things, creating danger in public places, creating the fear of reprisals for standing for truth, creating a loss of hope related to climatic changes, know this: that in the presence of darkness the world is awakening, and the potential for hearing, sensing, and knowing the truths that one's own soul carries is becoming ever more possible.

Begin with yourself. Begin with your own determination to live as a soul upon the Earth to the best of your ability and awareness of what that means. Allow your deeper being to become more real and less influenced by the opinions of others and the perspectives that they hold.  It is this deeper being that belongs to each embodied soul and to you, beloved one, that is seeking greater expression at this time in our collective history.  Know that it is there. Know that your soul is longing to express as the deeper truth that you carry as a gift to the world.

Many do not feel that their presence matters much.  Some feel that they are too small to make a difference in relation to how the world works. This is never true.  The interconnectedness of life is an everpresent reality. Seed thoughts of one become the catalytic agent for seed thoughts of many.  This is how collective consciousness becomes changed - by virtue of the fact that all of life is connected and you are connected to every other soul on Earth.  Therefore, never think that your own 'small' contribution does not and cannot make a difference.  It can and it does.

All that you have waited for is germinating now. The problem of waiting is the problem of trust, the knowing that what is presently invisible will become visible.  Those whose hearts are embedded in the light know this. They trust this. For them what is invisible is more real than what is visible.  Your own heart must seek this alignment, this truth of God's reality.  No matter where you are with the personal challenges that life is bringing to you, know that profound healing is taking place all of the time in and through these challenges, in and through the circumstances that life is bringing to you.  This is the magnificence of Divine reality, that brings out of all circumstances including those that are painful, the full forward motion of the soul's expression upon the Earth.

This is the meaning of freedom, beloved ones. It is the freedom to be yourself and it is a freedom that is growing. It is not a freedom that depends upon anyone else or on any external circumstance at all. It is a freedom that is your inherent birthright as a Divine creation, here to express the holiness and light of your own truth. 

As you go through your days, try to align with this deeper truth. See this as your mission and purpose, namely, to bring the soul reality that you carry and are into your embodied life for your own sake and for the sake of Life.  May all blessings be with you in this sacred endeavor.


(Please note, Newsletters will be resuming now on a monthly basis.)


Let us honor the one Body of which we are a part.
The blood that flows through our veins is one blood.
The Life that beats within us is one Life.
The Breath that moves through our lungs is one Breath,
holy, life-giving.

Let us sing the song of the one Body.
Let us breathe the air of the one Breath.
Let us know, and see, and feel, that there
are no longer any others whom we cannot embrace,
whose lives we must reject along with their actions.

We are one Body.
We are one Life.
We are one Breath of the Creator
living in time and space,
Waiting to recognize the truth of our own Being,
the truth arriving now,
the Body of the One.

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