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May, 2016
When the Lion Lies Down with the Lamb
Dear Beloved Ones,

There are things that seem inconceivable to the mind that are not inconceivable to the heart.  For the mind operates with beliefs that are changeable while the heart, in its deepest layer, operates with truths that are unchangeable. 
The beliefs of the mind involve concepts and understandings concerning the relationship of self to reality and concerning who the self is.  In the absence of spiritual light, these beliefs have come to seem like eternal truths even though they have been means of adapting, temporarily, to a changing reality.  Beliefs are not truths.  They are more of the mind than of the soul.  They are more of logic than of the deeper understanding of the heart.  Now, in this time of vibrational change and of a reality that is transmuting to something that has never taken place on Earth before, beliefs of the mind can give way more easily to the truths of the heart and soul.  Thus, who a person conceives themselves to be can become something entirely different than the idea that they have been holding for as long as can be remembered.
When the lion lies down with the lamb, when the turtle and the fish swim together, when that which is predatory can befriend its prey, whether human or non-human, it will be because the vibration of the heart has gained ascendance within the entire psycho-physical organism so that what was once filled with hatred, animosity, and fear can now be replaced by cooperation and love.

Some may see the possibilities for this more easily within the animal kingdom, for the natural innocence of many creatures speaks to us of an absence of malevolence and of the presence of simple goodness.  Yet the ascendance of the heart can take place and is taking place within human beings as well.  Though not yet apparent, it is strengthening the vibration of the heart so that what has seemed to be inevitable and intractable conflict, dissension, and discord can become something else, something that partakes of peace.

Within the human realm there are no true ‘lions’ or ‘lambs’. Each one is a mixture of both, though one aspect or the other may be hidden from view.  Each one partakes of qualities of soul as well as beliefs of mind, and as the beliefs of mind are more easily shed, the qualities of soul transmitted to the heart can more easily emerge.
Beliefs are transmutable.  This is the understanding that all must hold in order to maintain hope and in order to participate most fully in a changing reality.  Beliefs are transmutable, and hope for the world is based on this unfolding process.  All who consciously desire an active part in this transformation can assist within the domain of their own lives by knowing that what has been held onto for what may have seemed like forever can now be questioned in favor of a new version of reality, the version of the heart, the version of love.
May all be blessed in the light of this emerging truth.


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I Am you. 
I am always You. I am forever You.
There is nothing that happens to me that can be separate from who You are and how You are.

As the Earth changes, I am part of the her changing.

As she struggles to heal herself,
I am part of her pain as well.
I am her renewal as she absorbs the new light
that has entered her,
and I will continue to be her as more come to know that
I AM YOU applies to the Earth as well.

When anyone asks you what will happen in the future, what consciousness, what awareness,
point them in the direction of I AM YOU.

This is the new and sacred consciousness arriving.
It is arriving for all people, everywhere.
It is arriving at the twelfth hour on the shores of those islands and in the life of those coral reefs whose very survival depends upon I AM YOU.
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