LO Community Newsletter - No. 10
Light Omega

June, 2016
An Invitation to Dance
Julie of Light Omega

Beloved Ones,

Everything that comes to us in life involves a request for interaction from the deepest part of ourselves.  Everything that comes to us invites us to a dance.  This dance is one of meaning and of learning, for life's offerings come to us as we need to interact with them, calling forth that part of ourselves that stretches toward the Divine, that part that is hungry for growth and for light.

The Dance of Life arises out of the one Consciousness that holds all things within itself in sacred Unity.  What we call synchronicity is part of that Unity - the appearance of unexpected things at the precise time that we need to have contact with them. Yet, there are many other aspects of life that do not involve observable synchronicity that nevertheless are attuned to the needs of our expanding awareness.  The need for expansion governs the outpicturing of our life.  Nothing is accidental.  All is held within the sacred context of growth.  When, within this context, we experience joy, it arises from the awareness of God's presence with us.  This presence conveys to us that we are not alone, that we are never alone, and that all is unfolding as it needs to.

We often do not experience this yet because we are accustomed to thinking in terms of a separation between what is 'ordinary' and what is 'sacred.'  This distinction is one that we make with our minds and is primarily based on the degree to which we can detach ourselves from the cares and worries that we perpetually hold in our awareness.  We say to ourselves: "When I am finished with this, and this, and this, then I will have time to  meditate, I will have time for the sacred."  But the sacred does not place itself into such compartments.  We place it there.  The sacred is in all of life and we participate with it when we recognize that we are being called to it at each moment of every day. This is not just an outer calling but an inner one. It is the calling of our deepest being that longs to come forth, that longs to express its Divine identity.

A consciousness that is attuned to the sacred will see meaning everywhere.  It will see beauty everywhere.  It will see poignancy everywhere.  In the presence of sorrow, it will respond not with despair or hopelessness but with compassion.  In the presence of the happiness of others, it will celebrate with them.  The Dance that we do with each moment of life is based on how we hold the sacred, and also on who we believe ourselves to be within our depth. For from this depth comes gratitude and the gift of responsiveness to life.  From this depth we become able to greet the depth in all others.

We go shopping for food.  We are looking for the best items to buy.  We interact with the seller. We walk among other shoppers. Whether in an outdoor market or in a supermarket we are doing something that by all standards is ordinary. How does this become a sacred Dance?

Here is the motto for sacred awareness: Take nothing for granted.

Take nothing for granted.  View everything with wonder. Notice everything. Be present to what is. 

In an outdoor market or in a supermarket there is the beauty of souls whom we walk among.  There is the beauty of provision that allows us, if we are fortunate, to have a selection of food from which to choose. There is the beauty of compassion, which allows us to know that even as we have a selection of food to choose from, that millions of others do not.  They still go hungry.  We can hold gratitude and compassion at the same time.  We can be with others in our hearts at the same time as we give thanks for what we are provided with.  We can seek to create a world in which no one goes hungry. All this is involved with the perception of beauty.

Every aspect of life is interpreted by us in terms of its meaning.  Nothing is fixed. We constantly give meaning to things, often deeming what we see, or hear, or say to be unimportant.  Now, let us join the Dance of the Sacred.  Let us understand that everything is important all of the time. Everything we do matters.  Everything we think matters. Everything we say matters. We matter.  We participate in the Dance by taking nothing for granted, by being present to all that we do from the deepest part of ourselves. For some this is easier than for others.  For some, it may feel like too much 'work' to be so conscious and aware.

Let us look at this for a moment.  Consciousness is the gift of life.  It is all that we do and the reason for our existence.  Consciousness is given to us to shepherd and nurture so that it grows and flourishes into a beautiful plant.  Consciousness is only work if we believe that being asleep is better than being awake, if we have given up our desire to learn and grow and be fully alive.  Yet, no one has truly given this up.  All beings have an innate desire to live that exists not only in the mind but in the cells of the body.  And so consciousness is part of the sacred Dance that we do - to allow our awareness to take nothing for granted, not the thoughts we think, not the places we walk, not the people we pass by, not anything that makes contact with us and calls us to notice, to be aware.

The Dance of the Sacred goes on and on all of the time.  It invites us to join in each moment, to give meaning to everything, to see everything as sacred gift.  It asks us to open our hearts to the blessed gift of our embodied life.

With all blessings - Julie



Come, my Beloved, walk with me,
We shall find the places to go that
are illumined by the Light of the Holy.
Each of us has a part to play,
intertwined with all others.
Each of us has a gift to give that
cannot be felt but in its giving.
Come, and breathe with me,
breathe in the Breath of the One that
infuses all that we do.
For there is no doing apart from this Breath.
There is only the divine Breath that infuses all,
seeking to bring action to its highest expression,
yet sometimes limited by the channel it flows through.
Still, small or full, all action is an expression
of the one Breath..

Come, my Beloved, let us share together
in the bounty of life.
Let us weep together for those who feel cut off
from this bounty.
Let us give to each other out of that Love that
is one with all, that excludes no one -
that love that shines like the rays of an
eternal Sun that blesses and shines upon all.



Originally created for children, this guided meditation serves adults as well and offers another way of aligning with the deeper and truer self. Useful at bedtime or at any time during the day. (8 min.)

Listen here.

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