LO Community Newsletter - No. 11
Light Omega

July, 2016
Purification of Emotions & Mental States
Julie of Light Omega

Beloved One,

In recent times you may have noticed the intensification of certain feelings within you.  You may have experienced issues that you thought were long buried coming to the surface again.  This resurgence of emotions and thoughts is being brought about by the expansion of light on Earth.  Its purpose is healing, the bringing into greater wholeness of every living being.

You are a soul, Beloved One, and the time is now to release all that you have held within yourself that prevents you from fully experiencing your beingness in light.  The time is now to clasp your own freedom-to-be. The purification of emotions and mental states that creates this freedom takes place differently for each embodied soul.  For each one has their own particular areas of vulnerability and of pain that have been kept apart from the conscious self. Now, the power of light and the love that it carries shall bring forth the ability to heal what has not been healable before.  The light shall shine its radiance within the heart of each one, conveying the truth of the soul to the seeking heart and the strength of the soul to each being that desires to grow.

You may not feel ready to do this. You may wonder what will need to change in your life if you give up familiar patterns of the past that are no longer worthy of the future that you are here to take part in.  Many are afraid of this.  Many cling to old unworkable patterns of behavior, thoughts, and relationships out of a fear that the new will present challenges that the conscious self does not feel ready or strong enough to face.  This premonition is not true, Beloved One.  What is true is that greater self-knowledge will strengthen you not only in your own identity but in your relationship with the Divine.  For greater self-knowledge is, at bottom, the same as relationship with the Divine. It is the knowledge of who you are as a soul, the knowledge of your deeper being.  It is the knowledge of your eternal self beyond mind and emotions.

You have come to the Earth at this time to take this step, to step forward in concert with planetary change into the new vibration of truth and holiness that has always been a part of you, however covered it may have been by emotions and thoughts.  These were part of a reality that appeared most real but was not.  You have come here at this time to embody the beingness of your own true self, to express it, and to share it as a gift to others, to the Earth, and to life.

There are challenges to face on an inner level as old habits and feelings release as a function of light.  Yet, these challenges are all held within one Divine umbrella, the umbrella of sacred truth, that beyond any identity that you thought you were, you are a Divine child of the One and this is your most real identity - beyond thought, beyond feeling, beyond circumstance, beyond everything else.

Therefore, reach for the new with both hands and a grateful heart, for in this reaching is the success of the endeavor.  In this reaching the pathway is opened that shall bring it about.  This is the Divine promise to mankind at this time in history, the promise that those who seek shall find, and that those who open their hearts to greater love shall find the response of the Universe filling it.

Trust your place in the Universe of love, Beloved One, and allow the light to transform all that has been held in shadow within you.  It is a time of great challenge for many, and a time of great joy even as the challenge takes place.  For the end result of this time is the freedom to be yourself, a freedom that each soul has longed for from the deepest place in the heart, and that is the purpose and goal of this sacred transition that the Earth is now undergoing.

Be blessed.  May all beings be blessed.




Come, my Beloved, walk with me.
We shall find the places to go that
are illumined by the Light of the Holy.
Each of us has a part to play,
intertwined with all others.
Each of us has a gift to give that
cannot be felt but in its giving.
Come, and breathe with me,
breathe in the Breath of the One that
infuses all that we do.
For there is no doing apart from this Breath.
There is only the divine Breath that infuses all,
seeking to bring action to its highest expression,
yet sometimes limited by the channel it flows through.
Still, small or full, all action is an expression
of the one Breath..

Come, my Beloved, let us share together
in the bounty of life.
Let us weep together for those who feel cut off
from this bounty.
Let us give to each other out of that Love that
is one with all, that excludes no one -
that love that shines like the rays of an
eternal Sun that blesses and shines upon all.



Originally created for children, this guided meditation serves adults as well and offers a way of aligning with the deeper and truer self. Useful at bedtime or at any time during the day. (8 min.)

Listen here.

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