LO Community Newsletter - No. 12
Light Omega

August, 2016
The New Sacred Body
Julie of Light Omega

Dear Beloved Ones,

Your body is beautiful to God. No matter what its outer form, no matter what flaws, illnesses, or physical limitations it may have, through the eyes of the Divine only Divine life is seen, only the precious vessel that exists which contains Divine life.  From the standpoint of the Divine, that which lives within your body is the same current that gives life to the Universe in all its many aspects. It is not less because your body may have physical limitations according to what it can do.

This appraisal of Divine life is one that humanity as a whole has not come to yet. We still think of bodies as objects and perceive them according to their outer appearance.  We still evaluate them according to how well or how poorly they meet the current cultural standard of what we think an ideal body should look like or act like. Nevertheless, the eyes of the Divine do not behold things in this manner which involves the surface level of perception. These eyes see, and witness, and understand why and how this particular body was chosen by the soul before taking birth.  They see, and witness, and know why the present physical deficits or limitations, while not perceived as beautiful from the standpoint of the observing ego, are beautiful in terms of the noble goals that the soul has chosen in order to accomplish its sacred work within a given lifetime.

At the most basic level, each body is chosen specifically and perfectly for the work that it is being asked to do within a given lifetime.  It is chosen in perfection for the way it will approach that work, not in terms of success or failure according to an outer standard of 'doing,' but according to an inner standard of what this particular body will do to create progress in the movement of the embodied soul toward greater healing and wholeness.

Even bodies that cannot survive long on the physical plane due to severe malformations or illnesses have this quality of beauty.  They contain the same measure of Divine life in the midst of whatever deficits will only permit a short physical life. For the length of the physical life does not determine nor is it a measure of the worth or beauty of the body.  Even those bodies that last on Earth for only a few minutes or a few breaths, contain the same Divine life within them as those that remain on Earth for eighty or ninety years.  Divine life does not depend on longevity, nor on the physical condition of the body.

When humanity emerges more fully into a reclaiming of its spiritual sensibilities, many of which are located within the body, it will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the energy that is contained within the atoms and subatomic particles of the body is not just physical energy but spiritual energy as well.  Humanity at that time will understand that the interface between the spiritual and the physical on the level of quantum reality, the reality of energy and of tiny particles, is a very thin interface.  In the presence of light expanding today, affecting the physical life of the Earth and of all bodies that inhabit the Earth, this spiritual-physical interface has become even thinner than it was before, with transmission of energy from the higher planes of one's being made much easier by the greater light present within the physical plane.  Thus, the body becomes a more open vessel to receive the imprint of the higher self, and like a plant that absorbs the sun's rays and turns them into the products of photosynthesis, so, too, does the physical body receive the currents of higher energy and turn them into nourishment for all aspects of the embodied self.

It is in this way that the sacred body is becoming more empowered to represent the higher self, and less separate, vibrationally, from that higher self.  All planes are interacting more fully now, and so the new physical body that has interacted with the higher energy bodies will contain more of spiritual light and spiritual consciousness than has ever been possible before.  It will be, for all beings, the vessel that houses higher consciousness without separation.

We do not see this yet but the eyes of the Divine see this. For upon the Earth today and in the presence of forces of opposition and darkness, the movement of opening of the physical plane to the higher planes of light is taking place, and this movement shall, as it expands still further, bring to the consciousness of all human beings the awareness of who they are beyond the physical definition of identity.

We are at a crossroads, Beloved Ones, a time where what has been is receding into a more distant past, and where what is arriving is already beginning to shape the new reality. What is possible for us now is to embrace the new reality that is being born, to embrace it in our bodies and in our hearts and minds, that we may become in all ways Children of the Divine and of God's Divine Plan for the Earth.  May all of life be blessed with this knowing.

Julie of Light Omega


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The Well

Where shall we look for the way of Oneness?
We draw it up from our deeper selves
like a bucket of water from a deep, deep well,
drawing it up to quench the thirst we
did not even know was there,
the thirst for belonging,
for the sense of love that would allow us
to be at home in the world.

We draw up the sense of Oneness from the
hidden depths of our own being where it
has always been,
waiting for us to find it,
waiting for our longing to grow,
to reach past all that separates so that
we could discover our selves in love.

We do not have to learn this,
we do not have to become this.
We already belong to each other as we
belong to the earth that feeds us,
to the stars that shine upon us,
to the air we breathe,
to the waters we bathe in.
We belong to these things and they to us.
We do not have to find them.
They are already there.

Yet, in our everyday awareness we must
take the step of giving up fear,
of giving up protection,
for the holdout places of the heart
are built on fear,
fear of losing something we have cherished,
fear of hoping too much for what cannot be.

The day calls us to the well of our own being.
It calls us to drink from this well,
to find within it the nourishment that will
feed our hearts and souls.
We may languish beside it.
We may sit for a while, unable to drink.
Yet, eventually the smell of cool water
shall draw us to it,
it shall call us to quench the thirst
that has been with us forever,
the thirst for love beyond love in a world of peace.

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