LO Community Newsletter - No. 14
Light Omega

September, 2016
The Beginning of Tomorrow
Julie of Light Omega

Dear Beloved Ones,

You have heard for a number of years now that this is the time of awakening for individuals and for the Earth, and so it is.  However, at this point we have moved forward as a planet as a result of the incorporation of the higher frequencies of light into the planetary body, so that more is possible now than ever before in terms of learning to live in communion with your own deeper self or soul.

You may have financial challenges that you are faced with, or problems with work or with family relationships. You may be concerned with climate change and the future of the Earth, or with the increased violence that is taking place globally. Whatever your concerns, know this: the planet Earth is going through a large scale purification process that is greatly accelerated at this time, and as a result, all that is in need of healing is coming to the surface of planetary awareness to be healed.

  • The migration of large numbers of people seeking safety and a better life from war-torn or impoverished nations is challenging us as a collective humanity to decide how we care for others. All nations and all peoples are faced with this dilemma which is not accidental but is part of the spiritual evolution of our collective consciousness.
  • Increased violence, whether at home or abroad, is based on the rising to consciousness of energies that have been held in a more concealed way in both nations and individuals. These are now becoming expressed outwardly, with those who are most vulnerable acquiring beliefs that justify violent action.
  • An increasing focus on the unequal distribution of wealth in this country and elsewhere is part of a review now taking place, for some more consciously than for others, of what we call the 'free-market-economy.' The question put before us is whether this 'free-market economy' is actually free for all or just for some, and how we attend to the needs of the rest.

These social, political, and economic challenges, beloved ones, are not 'just happening.' They are part of the large scale change that is occurring as we move as a planetary body into a higher vibrational frequency and consciousness - into the world of tomorrow.  This is the beginning of tomorrow, and all that we witness, including the upsurge of darkness contained in the inhumane things that human beings do to each other, is being fueled by the underlying expansion of light which is releasing and revealing all that is not light.

We have waited for this time that is now here.

We have longed for the possibility of change that could bring peace to the world and alter the destructive ways in which individuals and nations behave toward each other.

This time is here, and it is up to each of us to see past the surface level of what is taking place to the underlying movement toward the greater good that is coming into being, prompted by Divine action and ordination.

Simultaneous with the outer challenges are the changes that are taking place within individuals as a result of expanding light. Your own deeper being can tell you many things now if you listen. Guidance from the soul can whisper in your ear or send you to unexpected places if you are aware. The manifestation of your soul's purpose can become more evident to you now if you turn down the volume on outer activity and attend to what is coming to you from your own heart. It is a time for listening, beloved ones, a time for reflecting, a time for going deeper.

You have chosen this path of accelerated growth and healing by virtue of being here at this time, and the door is now open for you to learn in a way that has not been possible before.  Let the blessings of the present be with you, then, and not just the difficulties. See, hear, and think about the deeper Source of life that lives within you. Your own deeper self is there to guide you through all difficulties and all decisions if you allow it to.

Be blessed, beloved ones.  Be blessed. 

With all love and devotion - Julie and Those Who Serve the Light

Please note: To remain aligned with the perspective of global purification and the expansion of light, you may find helpful the Light Omega World Events Newsletter.  In addition, the Podcast and Webcast series offers discussions of inner steps that may be taken toward oneness and spiritual evolution.

A new collection of sacred writings by Julie

Coming into Being

Make space, make space.
Make space for the new that is being born.
Make space for the tendrils of life
    that are poking their heads up
    from beneath the ground
    where they have lain hidden.
Make space for the new idea
    you have been afraid to think.
All that is coming into being
    is asking you to notice it
    and to give it space.
If you are looking backward
    you are not looking forward.
If you are clinging to the known,
    you are not smelling
    the fragrance of the unknown
    coming through the window.
Make space.  Make space,
    for the Rising Sun is shining brightly now
    upon the blessed Earth and within each heart,
calling you to new life,
calling you home.

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