LO Community Newsletter - No. 15
Light Omega

October, 2016
The Divine Matrix
Julie of Light Omega

Dear Beloved Ones,

We live and move and have our being in a Divine Matrix that is God, the Divine Oneness, the Holy One.  It is as if we are fish swimming in water which is our natural environment without knowing that the water is there or that we are swimming.  We live and move in God without knowing that God is there.

Time is an expression of this Divine Matrix.  Time is the fluid substance that moves through life and that we move through that brings about events for us to interact with.  Some of these events we like, some we dislike. Some we think are positive, some we think are negative.  This perspective which operates according to the pleasure-pain principle is true on the level of our experience, but it is not true of the wholeness and holiness that is the essence of Time.  For time is of Divine origin, and is the medium through which all things unfold into greater wholeness.  Its movement is not only from the past to the future, but from the less real to the more real, and from the less whole to the more whole.  Time unfolds the potential of all things - events, situations, purposes, and people.  It unfolds the deeper being of who we are.

How can we know this?

We know it by living in the present moment with full attention and with an open  heart.  Our attention and openness allow us to look closely at the reality that we are in and to witness the unfoldment of the new within the present moment.  We may think: “But I am experiencing the same old thoughts, or the same repetitive patterns of behavior.” This may be true of the experience we are having, but on the level of deeper truth it is often the experience of limitation that is creating an opening or pathway to further growth.  We tend not to think this of limitation.  And yet within the Divine Matrix that is time’s embrace of eternal Love, all things, including limitation, serve the good.

Time’s purposes are always positive, for they are created out of the love of the Creator for Creation, the intention that all beings be brought forward into greater consciousness that they may know themselves to be One with the One.  It is this Divine Matrix of time that we have been swimming in without knowing that we are moving within anything at all.

We must remove  ourselves from our battle with time and not be afraid to age, for aging also is meant to be a movement forward, not backward.  We must not be afraid to move more slowly, for it is our absorption in the present moment that allows us to gain the most out of what time is trying to teach us. We can let go of our adversarial relationship with time and begin to feel, instead, that we are being held in a Divine embrace.  Without the present moment, we are lost in a reality of thought that takes us away from ourselves and from the meaning of the moment, and we lose the sense of spiritual ‘touch’ that conveys to our heart the closeness of Divine being.

There is a beautiful  pond of Creation and we are swimming in it, immersed in the Matrix of love at all times without knowing it.  Immersed in the movement forward into greater wholeness at all times without knowing it.  As our consciousness grows, infused by greater light, the perception of being held shall become stronger and stronger, until we know, beyond doubt, that we were never alone, and that we have been and shall continue to be safe and loved.  Such knowledge shall set us free. It is the homecoming of all of humanity to its spiritual purpose and destiny.

With all blessings - Julie

Holy Time

O Holy One,
   the substance of Your being is
   time and space which you
   wear like a garment surrounding
   Your holy Breath.
This Breath flows through Creation
   bringing life and nourishment to
   all who live within Your body.
You, O Holy One, give life to the Universe,
   breathe life into the Universe,
Your Body, the moon and stars
   and time itself.
Time - carrying the embrace of Your love
   into the becoming of all things.

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