LO Community Newsletter - No. 16
Light Omega


Teaching the Heart to Sing
A Guide to Shifting Consciousness at the Dawn of a New Age

Co-created by the higher Realms of Light and Julie and first published in 1989. Now available in paperback at Amazon.com.   This is a book of wisdom and love that speaks from the Heart of the Divine Beloved.

About this book...

"This is a lovely book, an inspired book, through which the wisdom flows like crystal fresh water from a spring... having started I could not put it down, but read deep into the night... This is a message of joy..."
 - Sir George Trevelyan, Operation Redemption

",,,a profound, wise, loving and beautiful book that has affected every part of my life. May its love and truth touch the hearts of All."
Michaela DeAngelis, Avenues of Peace

"...a work of great love that has accelerated my awakening into Oneness..."
     Meg Martin, Student and Teacher

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