LO Community Newsletter - No. 16
Light Omega

November, 2016
Becoming a Steward of Your Own Life:
The Sacred in the Ordinary
Julie of Light Omega

Dear Beloved Ones,

Everyday acts become acts of devotion when we become stewards of our own life.  Ordinarily, we do not think of action in this way, especially actions that are repeated such as washing dishes, sweeping the floor, doing laundry.  Yet, there is an entirely different view that we might have concerning time and action, a view in which every action becomes a step toward the completion of a task that is in direct relationship to love for the Creator of life. When this is the case and to the extent that this is the case, the desire for right relationship with the Divine exists as a primary motivation to keep things in good order, and to complete tasks that have been set before us.  

This motivation comes from perceiving the Divine Presence in all aspects of life, and accepting that nothing is ‘accidental.’ All is given as gift to interact with for the benefit of learning and growth, but also for the benefit of love.  Love creates an orientation toward stewardship.  Within the heart and mind, it sets up a desire to complete all tasks that have been given by a Divine hand to the best of one’s ability.  If all is given by God, the Divine Beloved, then out of love all must be attended to with care and a desire to leave no loose ends of unattended responsibilities or unfinished actions.

Here is a perspective that many do not hold at present, that is, the relationship between love and “no loose ends.” This is because we think of our actions as ‘personal’ rather than ‘devotional.’  If, however, we become attuned to the Divine within life, then a sense of responsibility toward that which is deeply loved, toward the Beloved, pervades all of our actions, and the desire to complete tasks that life presents to us exists not only as an obligation or ‘chore,’ and not only as a desire to keep things ‘neat and tidy,’ but as an act of reverence and devotion to fulfill our responsibility toward the gift of our existence, given by the Divine Beloved whom we love.  The completion of tasks  then becomes joyful, not difficult, since each step of that completion takes us closer to having “no loose ends.”

Looking at our days, weeks, or years in this way, we hold the perspective of stewardship as an ongoing question, namely, what is undone in this life that I have been given, or, what is left to be finished?  From the perspective of stewardship, out of gratitude toward life and responsibility for life we choose to have all tasks completed so that when departing from the physical plane there is nothing left undone or unfinished.  Great satisfaction based in love exists as a result of operating within time in this way, even in relation to holding the boundary of death as a demarcation that allows us to look back from the perspective of the end of life to see if we have actually completed what was given to us to do. 

Such an orientation toward the boundary between life and death and toward all aspects of life including the most ordinary tasks, makes of life on the physical plane a joyful interaction with love in each moment for the One who is All.

Stewardship, beloved ones, is not just responsibility, but joy.  It allows us to experience the sweeping of a floor as something that is of value in itself when beheld through the eyes of love.  And in each repetition, the same value is upheld.  Inwardly, our soul is saying, “I do this for you, Beloved, to take care of what you have given me.”  This may be even more true when it comes to the larger tasks of life which include responsibility for relationships, families, communities, nations, or  the Earth itself.

All aspects of life may be held in this way, the way of stewardship and of “no loose ends,” bringing our relationship with the Divine which is essentially a relationship of the heart into every action, of every task, of every day. 

May all of Creation be blessed with this knowing of the Divine Presence within life, and of the heart’s joy in responding to life with love in every moment.

With all blessings - Julie

I Am Everywhere

Where shall you look to find Me?
I Am here, I Am there, I Am everywhere.
I Am in your heart, and in your mind,
    and in your body.
There is no part of you that I
    do not reside in.
Feel your love for all beings and
    you will find Me there.
Feel your love for the Creator of life
    and you will find Me there.
Feel your love for your own purity
    and you will find Me there.
For I Am in your soul and am part
    of it in every way.
There is no place that you are without Me
There is no time that you are without Me.
For I Am every-where and every-when,
    and you only need look for the Life
    within all things to know that I Am That.

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