Special Edition - LO Community Newsletter - No. 17
Light Omega

November, 2016
The Way of Hope
Julie of Light Omega

Dear Beloved Ones,

There is an energy covering this land with increasing effect that masks itself in principle while at the same time removing itself from the true values of the heart.  While seeming to advocate moral uprightness and concern for others, this energy is actually lacking in love and in all the qualities that derive from love such as kindness, gentleness, tolerance, and compassion. This energy influences our collective and individual consciousness so that we no longer remember the place in our hearts to return to when difficult events or circumstances are happening.  We forget the place of love and trust that is intrinsic to our deeper nature, and become susceptible to the false energy that uses convincing words to create the impression that it has our best interests at heart.

This energy is an energy of ‘desecration.’  It removes us from remembrance of the sacred out of which love derives, for love, in all its many aspects, embraces the sacredness of life and of the beloved.  It cannot act against itself because its nature is blessing and its hope is to give to the beloved.  The energy of desecration wipes our memory of love as a viable possibility.  It is not that we do not remember the word ‘love.’  It is that we no longer think of it as a valid means to live life and a valid foundation from which to act.  The energy of desecration causes us to feel that only the more violent emotions of anger, despair, and fear are ‘reasonable’ reactions to events that surround us, and some of us are more vulnerable to one of these emotions, some to another.

The energy of desecration prevents us from remembering that the way of love is a force in the world that can change consciousness, and by changing consciousness, can change all the events that arise from an inner motivational place that we would wish to eradicate.  The energy of desecration causes us to believe that only strength and force can change things.  It causes us to believe that fear of what can happen to us without strengthening our capacity to use more force is the only viable reality.

We, who are participating in this time in history, have come here to do exactly that – to participate through our response to the events that surround us, events that are often difficult and upsetting to the heart because they are the opposite of the way we wish for human beings to behave toward each other.  Nevertheless, we have come here to take part in and to bear witness to this time of difficulty, which is also a time of transition for this country and for the Earth as a whole,  and how we do this depends upon what we believe.

If we believe that outer events determine how we must react, then we fall prey to the influence of energies that are sweeping this land that would propel us further into fear, hopelessness, division, and anger.  If, however, we hold true to the place of light and love within us, if we believe that there is a place to stand within ourselves other than fear, anger, or despair, then, aligned with the power of our own soul, we become a force for change in the world, a force that will ultimately bring about a change in values so that the values of the heart can be expressed as the values of government and its leaders, and the values of this nation as a whole.

To do this, we must plant ourselves firmly in our hearts and remember the sacred.  We must remember love.  Often, when emotions run high and fear seems to be the only reasonable response to external events, we forget.  We do not intend to forget, but we are overcome by the emotions being generated that are not love.

Let us, in this moment, recommit ourselves to remembering and to remaining faithful to our belief in love as a positive force for change.  For what we change when we do this is not initially the beliefs of others, but the access to their hearts from which these beliefs come.  By remaining true to the principle of light within our deeper heart and soul which is the principle of love, we become agents of change for a world greatly in need of hope and a positive vision of the future.  May this be our commitment and our promise to ourselves and to others, then, to remain faithful to love and to believe in its potential for restoring the sacred to our lives.

With all blessings - Julie of Light Omega




Trust is not a property of the mind
   but of the heart.
It is not based on knowing how things
   will turn out,
   but on believing that however
   they turn out, one will be alright.
Trust does not require a positive vision
   of what lies ahead,
   only the knowledge that one will be led
   through all difficulty to the place
   of safety.
This passage through the unknown is
   the passage of trust.
Not ‘my’ will but ‘Thy’ will is its
The heart that is afraid places itself
   in the hands of that which is guiding,
   and in the presence of fear steps forward,
   into the unknown.

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