Special Edition - LO Community Newsletter - No. 18
Light Omega

November 24, 2016
Thanksgiving Message - The Healing of America
Julie of Light Omega and Those Who Serve the Light

Dear Beloved Ones,

On this Thanksgiving Day in America, as we partake of the riches that our country has to offer, and as we share these riches of food, freedom, and the possibility of experiencing  joy with family, loved ones, and those who gather together at our table, it is of utmost importance that we remember those who are lacking in food, who have lost family members to war, civil strife, or poverty, or who live not in freedom, but in a perpetual state of feeling unsafe.

We do not have to end our Thanksgiving meal in order to do this.  We do not have to feel guilty about the food that we so lovingly create and share with others.  We only need to simultaneously hold the wish that all others may share love and freedom and riches in the same way.  We need to feel that which connects us with them in our hearts. In particular, on this Thanksgiving Day, may we stand in our hearts with those who are braving the cold at Standing Rock, who are facing deprivation of the comforts of their homes in order to stand for sacred principle, the principle of protection of sacred land and waters.  May we stand in our hearts with them and with the courage and devotion that the many there have displayed in the presence of excessive force used against them. 

What we witness, today, at Standing Rock is a legacy of the history of our nation - of our treatment of the indigenous peoples of this country who were here before us and yet were overpowered by us and deprived of their rights. So, too, is it happening now at Standing Roch in order that this vast history of oppression of a minority group worthy of the utmost respect may be healed and reversed through a change in our national consciousness.

Today, at your table, may each one place a small rock or pebble from the earth in the center of the table or upon a side table, that may represent the tribute that our individual hearts pay to those who stand in courage for the principles of equal rights and justice for all.  Allow yourself to say a prayer over this pile of small stones, so that in your enjoyment of the meal today, you may include those others who need to be included in our love, as they were not so included more than three hundred years ago.

May all blessings be with you and your loved ones today in celebration of the best parts of what America is and is meant to be, and may the suffering of those who have been left out of America's promise be healed, today, in your prayers and in your heart's desire to bind up the ancient wounds.

With all blessings -
Julie of Light Omega and Those Who Serve the Light




Trust is not a property of the mind
   but of the heart.
It is not based on knowing how things
   will turn out,
   but on believing that however
   they turn out, one will be alright.
Trust does not require a positive vision
   of what lies ahead,
   only the knowledge that one will be led
   through all difficulty to the place
   of safety.
This passage through the unknown is
   the passage of trust.
Not ‘my’ will but ‘Thy’ will is its
The heart that is afraid places itself
   in the hands of that which is guiding,
   and in the presence of fear steps forward,
   into the unknown.

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