LO Community Newsletter - No. 19
Light Omega

December, 2016
The Stabilization of Love
Julie of Light Omega

Dear Beloved Ones,

We are in a time, today, collectively and personally, when we are being called to the inner work of stabilizing love.  This calling is louder and more urgent than any other at this time.  It announces itself as an emotional imperative in the presence of forces of anger, fear, despair, and hopelessness that abound all around us and often within us, that have achieved great momentum.  These forces lead to a downward spiral in our emotional equilibrium, and once moving along this spiral, make it harder to see the way back to love and to trust in love.

No matter what external circumstances we may face now or in the future, we must begin within our own hearts to remove whatever power we have given to the emotions of fear, anger, and hopelessness, and must take back our freedom to choose the consciousness that we would hold, so that love and the determination to remain faithful to love becomes our primary focus, no matter what is going on around us.  This is easy to do when we are surrounded by others who are loving and optimistic, and much more difficult to do when we feel that the pathway toward the stabilization of love must be created by ourselves alone, or with only one or two others.
In this time it is crucial that we consciously and deliberately claim our freedom to choose what we feel, and if this seems too difficult or impossible, then at least to choose to continually and deliberately point ourselves in the direction of love, and to make it the choice of our waking days.

Many circumstances today create a sense of uncertainty and fear, due to the fact that we do not know what lies ahead: we do not know what the future of climate change will be nor how quickly it will affect us personally or collectively; we do not know what the new U.S. president or his administration will bring as a change to government policy, nor how this will affect us individually or as a nation; we do not know what the economic outlook will be, or what will become of the now increasingly visible legacies of racial prejudice in this country toward African-Americans and toward the indigenous peoples of this nation.  We do not know.  And in our not knowing, it is easy to allow fear to gain a foothold in our awareness and to not see the way through this into a more positive outlook.

The way through, Beloved Ones, is not outside but inside.  It lies in the awakening of the heart to a deeper and fuller expression of the motivation toward love and unity with all.  This is the great transformation taking place today on this planet, and it is the answer to fear. It is the inner awakening of each heart that will allow more light to enter the national and global picture so that the Divine action of light can alter the motivations of the inhabitants of the Earth, and so that new decisions can be made about living a sacred life.

Our minds cannot tell us how this will happen.  Only our heart connected with our soul can remind us that we have come here at this time on Earth to serve the purpose of planetary change, and that no matter what things look like around us, and no matter how limited we may feel personally, we are being asked to commit ourselves to this sacred purpose – to being representatives of the power of love and the commitment to serve love.

We do this not because external events prove to us that this is a reasonable point of view, but because our hearts tell us that this is an essential point of view, essential to the future of life on Earth.  Therefore, we commit ourselves to the inner vision of a future that was given to us from before birth, and without having the comfort provided by external proof, we vow to remain steadfast in trusting our heart and in desiring to become a people of the heart, no matter how unreasonable it may seem to the practical mind.

When we do this, we liberate a force that becomes larger than ourselves, one that joins with all others who are similarly committed.  This synergistic force  moves the energy of love more rapidly along the filaments of the network of light that contains every life on the planet, and begins to address the motivational pattern whose change is so desperately needed on the Earth today.

Beloved Ones, to stabilize love in the presence of fear, anxiety, and all other negative emotions, we only need believe that we are souls created by the Divine Creator of all, and that the truth of love and the importance of love is already written in our soul, available for us to live by and to gain strength from as an antidote to the presence of fear.

We are being called to take this step toward our own freedom, today, the step of choosing love above all else, including above all other conflicting emotions which might cause us to seek truth outside ourselves rather than inside.  Allowing the invisible Hand of the Divine to guide us and to guide this sacred planet to the destiny that it has long been waiting for is our purpose and task now, a destiny in which love and peace replace darkness and separation, and in which human beings can truly be free to live as they were meant to live.  

This is our mandate and the purpose for which we have come to the Earth.  All that is needed is already within us by virtue of the fact that we are, in our essence, souls with knowledge of truth. It is the choice for the truth that is love that we are being asked to make, today, in order to play our part in the transformation of this planet into a planet of sacredness and light. We offer this choice as a gift and a blessing to the future of our children and to the future of the Earth.

With all blessings -
Julie of Light Omega




Look outside yourself,
the world is calling.
It is asking you to heal it.
You may feel too small.
You may feel that you
do not know enough.
You may feel too busy
with your own concerns.
Nevertheless, the time is
calling you to make this leap,
to realize that you and the
world cannot be separated,
to know that all that you do
affects everything around you.
Hear the call of the world.
It is calling and reaching to
every heart.
It is asking you to care,
to awaken,
to love.

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