LO Community Newsletter - No. 21
Light Omega

January, 2017
Holding Light on Inauguration Day and After
Julie of Light Omega                                                               
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Dear Beloved Ones,

On this day before the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, we are each called to examine where we stand inwardly in relation to hope, truth, and trust in God’s reality.  When events around us seem difficult or frightening, it is at that time that we are brought forward not only to become conscious of our current beliefs, but to take a step forward in relation to our spiritual and emotional growth.  We are at such a time, and each of us is being called forward in this way.

At this time the message and import of the work of Light Omega becomes even more central, namely, to introduce and teach the principles of light by which all within a given society may live, and to demonstrate these principles both through concepts that may be articulated in words, and through an energy of light that each of us may carry.

We therefore ask for your support at this time for the purposes of Light Omega.  In donating to our work, you are contributing to that which is strengthening light upon the Earth for all beings, and transmitting the essential principles about how to live.  Please consider making a regular monthly contribution in an amount of your choosing, so that you may align yourselves with our purposes and in doing so help us expand the scope of what we are here to do.          

With all love and blessings,

Those Who Serve the Light

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If you live in the New England area, you are welcome to join us on Sunday mornings in Amherst, MA for Julie's talks and discussion that follows.  To learn more about Light Omega Sunday Gatherings visit this link. If you are unable to attend events personally, you can receive webcast recordings through the Podcast and Webcast Mailing List, or take part online by writing to us at webcast@lightomega.org.


from "Poems for the New Earth" - Book 2." (Unpublished).



As moss clings to a rock,
and as fire clings to the burning wood,
so, too, do we cling to the light of our being
in times of struggle,
adhering to that light as if our life
depended upon it.
We cling with fierceness to the inner light,  
that none may pull us apart.
We adhere, we align, we hold, we reach,
we are tenacious,
we are unyielding,
and, in the end, we are victorious
over that which would separate us.
For it is not only we that cling
to the light,
but the light that seeks us out
to be part of the cells of our body
and the fabric of our soul.

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