LO Community Newsletter - No. 22
Light Omega

February, 2017
There is One Life
Julie of Light Omega

Dear Beloved Ones,

In this time of dissension and conflict, of polarization and division, we have a choice to make as to how we hold our consciousness.  We can align with forces that perpetuate division and justify anger, or we can affirm the oneness of all souls despite actions, words, and thoughts that we disavow. Removing our consent from actions or words that we deem to be harmful is not the same as affirming our oneness with the soul who performs these actions.  The inner being of each one remains, no matter what their outer expression.  This is the choice we make now, the choice for consciousness – to affirm or reject the understanding that there is only one Life, and its essence is Unity.


There Is One Life

There is but one Life and we are each a part of it.  This Life is in us and we are in it. This Life is the Life of the Universe and of all of Creation.  That which is within form is its Body.  That which is in spirit is its Soul.

Our lives collectively and individually will change when we know there to be only one Life.  For we are related in the deepest possible way to each other.  We are related to those we know and to those we do not know.  We are related to those we like and to those we do not like.  We are related to those who do good and to those who do harm.  We cannot be un-related, for we are part of one Life, one Consciousness, one Being.

Who you are is of as much importance to me as who I am.  What hurts you is of as much importance to me as what hurts me.  In a deeper sense, there is no 'me' or 'you.'  There is only Life becoming different forms, condensing into that which we call 'matter.'  I am part of this Life that is part of me. You are part of this Life that is part of you. All that we perceive as different, all that we call different, is still part of us and part of the one Life.

Hear me children of the Beloved.  For we are together in this one Life.  It is in our breath, our hearts, our minds, our cells, and our being.  It is our being.   We are of That.  We are always of That.  No matter what we do, or think, or feel, we are still of That.

Look around you.  Everything you see is part of you as you are part of it.  There is no outside or inside.  Life is all around you.   Who can say if it is more 'here' or 'there,' for there is no 'here' or 'there' since both are part of the One.

Beloved children of the One, seek the one Life of which you are a part.   Let go of all anger toward those whose words, actions, or thoughts feel distasteful to you, for they are souls, too, not unlike yourself.  Cherish this above all else.  For living in this way is the way of Love.  Living in this way is the way of peace.  Living in this way can change your life as it can change the life of the world. 

All beings of light wait for this to happen.  All of Consciousness waits for this to happen – for that which has been separate to know itself to be One – one in Heart – one in Body – one in Spirit.

May all of life be blessed by this Truth.  May the One that is many, the Beloved that is all, be blessed.

Julie of Light Omega and Those of the Light


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from "Poems for the New Earth" - Book 2." (Unpublished).



How beautiful the flower of innocence
that grows within the human heart.
It needs no rain to flourish,
for it is rooted in spiritual soil
and fed by a holy Source.
This flower of innocence was born
before you were,
existing within the Mind of God
before Creation.
Yet, it often struggles to find its place
within the outer life,
for the pressures of life
can run counter to it,
brushing it away so it remains
Beautiful flower that lives within
the human heart,
water it and give it shelter.
Bring it out into the open
and let its fragrance
waft through your days,
that you may feel in every moment
that you are a child of God.

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