LO Community Newsletter - No. 24
Light Omega

March, 2017
The Multidimensional Nature of Events
Julie of Light Omega
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Dear Beloved Ones,
Each event in life is larger than it appears. Each one exists on multiple levels of reality that affect the unified Whole of which we are each a part. That which seems to be a discrete interaction between you and another taking place at a particular time and in a particular location, may have energetic connections with many other events and times that are invisible and unknown to the conscious self.
Your individual work, for example, may seem small in relation to the needs of the world and how to bring about change. Yet, the quality of consciousness you bring to your work – the love, hope, trust, inspiration, and guidance - all contribute to manifesting something on this plane that is trying to come into being.
The same is true with personal interactions. You may be speaking with one or two other persons.  Yet, the energetic influences of a particular conversation can have a rippling effect that you may not be aware of, a rippling effect that affects the lives of others that the person with whom you are speaking knows, and beyond that, that affects the larger consciousness of which you and each embodied soul are a part.
Many of us have experiences of simultaneous realities that we may not give that name to.  For example, we may be performing a simple task, or listening to a song, or smelling something, and suddenly feel the presence of someone we know or have known in the past.  What we experience in that moment is not the memory of that person, but rather their connection with the action or situation that we are involved with.  This can be true of friends, family members, distant acquaintances, as well as those beings of other realms who participate in the life of the Earth as teachers, guides and helpers.
Multidimensional reality is a fact of spiritual life, just as visual reality or auditory reality is a fact of physical life.  We can know things without knowing how we know them.  We can feel things that belong to our soul's history from other lifetimes, without actually remembering those other lifetimes but simply experiencing the connection with them at a particular moment in time.  We can experience the life of plants and trees in a way that lets us know that they have consciousness, and similarly with animals, we can sense their consciousness without knowing how we know this.
We are connected with each other through time and space and beyond time and space, as well as to the Earth and to all its creatures. We are connected on the mental, physical, and emotional levels, and on the soul level as well, where energetic connections can appear to our conscious self then disappear from our awareness, yet feel entirely real for the moments that they are present.
Viewing life in this way allows us to feel the mystery that we are always and inevitably a part of – the mystery of our connections with others and with our own Divine being.  It also allows us, if we choose to look at it in its true measure, to know beyond doubt that every action we take in our physical life and every decision we make is of importance, since its effects are much more widespread than may appear to our senses. This is the reality of our human experience - to know and feel that we are here to interact with life from the life within us, consciously, creatively, and with the depth of meaning that we can give to all that we do.  This gift of meaning and of choice is one we have been given, and one that we bring to all moments of our life.
With deepest blessings - Julie
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from "Poems for the New Earth" - Book 2." (Unpublished).
The first book of "Poems for the New Earth" is available through the Light Omega Bookshop and Amazon.com.
Come, my beloved one,
feel the largeness of who you are
beyond anything you have thought
yourself to be.
The world of the Divine opens its
doors to you now,
but you must welcome it in.
No longer is it necessary to sit in deep
meditation to contact the spirit within.
Only look for it and you will begin to feel
the depth of your own being.
Do not be afraid to consider yourself holy.
Do not think because your life has
been human and ordinary
that holiness is beyond you.
You have always been holy.
You have always been Divine.
Now, the world of the human and the
world of the Divine are coming together
so that you may walk, and talk,
and go about your life
knowing that you are a Divine being
within form.
All of this your soul has chosen.
It is the purpose for which you are here.
Open the door to your own self,
beloved one,
and let the holiness of who you are
illuminate each moment of your life.
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