Light Omega Community Newsletter No. 25
Light Omega

Awakening to Oneness - the Divine Mother
Sacred Earth Council Invitation
Julie of Light Omega
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Dear Beloved One,


The presence of the Divine Mother upon the Earth is expanding now, broadcasting the energies of love and unity even in the presence of ongoing darkness.  These energies create an inner need to join together with others and with the Earth to link one's life purpose with that of others.  Though your own personal history may have included a great deal of isolation, loneliness, or separation, the energy of love and unity is strong enough, now, to help you make different choices about the direction of your life if you choose to.  Such choices were far less possible in the past, before the life-energy of the Mother was able to manifest as fully as it is currently on the physical plane.


Within Light Omega, the movement forward of this Divine energy is taking place on a number of different levels.  One of these has to do with enhancing our inner relationship with the Divine Being of the Earth and taking the next steps in our daily life to help make that relationship a reality.  As a result of this Divine momentum, a Sacred Earth Council has been created to help manifest both the way of making the consciousness shift that is needed, as well as the practical application of such a shift.


You are invited to join with us in making this shift from wherever you are, according to the longings of your own heart and soul.


The second meeting of the Sacred Earth Council took place on April 2nd, and there are many things to share about it.  However, the most important is this:


- the Earth is calling each and every one of us to take part in the shift of consciousness that is to bring our sense of self into oneness with the Earth as a Being.


You may have already done much in this direction, but in this time you are being asked to take the next step. We invite you, Beloved One, whether you live close by or far away, to share in this transformational process with us as we endeavor to make new choices about how to live in and with the sacred Being of the Earth.


For those of you who might wish to join one of the Sacred Earth Council Committees moving in this direction, you can do so by taking part in person or online.  If you would like to take part online, (and there are some who live at a distance who are already doing so), please use the links at the top of this page to read the two previous Updates about the Sacred Earth Council and its Committees.  If you feel guided to, you can contact the persons listed below, and also consult the Light Omega Calendar which will list the next Sacred Earth Council meeting.


1. Food Choices Committee -

Marjie Williams -
2. Clothing Choices Committee -
Ariel Shira Elan  -


3. 'Do No Harm' Committee -

Robert McIlwain -


4. CSA Committee -

Mitakuye Oyasin -


If you live far from Amherst, MA in the U.S. or in any other part of the world, consider joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in your area, and consider taking part in our next Sacred Earth Council by joining us remotely.  It is just as important to plant this new consciousness within the earth where you live, as it is to do it here. For online participation contact:

Beloved One, even in the presence of ongoing difficulty and suffering, the light is coming forth, making itself known and calling to hearts that can hear it to step forward and embrace the energy of love and unity that is signalling its presence.  This energy is the energy of the Divine Mother, and Her presence is becoming more active here and now upon the Earth.


We embrace you in the fullness of this love, and ask you to consider your own part in helping the Earth take the next step forward in its own evolutionary process.


With great love and devotion - Julie of Light Omega









My body and the Earth's body are one.

I cannot harm the Earth's body without
harming my own.
What pains her, what gets put into her
that does not belong to her, pains me
as well.
Every oil well that drills deep into her
crust is a hole drilled into the
millions of fibers that form
her energetic network.
Every clear-cut fire that burns her
forests, sears the pain of this loss of habitat
into my heart as well.
The Earth feels the pain of these things,
not the pain that comes with emotion,
but the pain that comes from having her
vital processes disrupted,
the pain to the harmonious flow of
her Being, the flow of life itself.
O beautiful, bountiful Earth that is so
vital yet so delicately balanced within
all of your parts,
your wholeness has been disrupted a
thousand times over by the carelessness
of your children.
Your pain is real, as real as the pain
of a bruise, or cut, or burn,
or loss of a limb, or loss of a function
within the human body.
Your life is my life, beloved Earth,
and my life is yours.
May all come to know the sacred life
that we share in the body of the One
that you are.
May all come to know that you are holy.


(from "Poems for the New Earth," Book 2, unpublished. Book I is available through the Light Omega Bookshop and at

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