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The Earth as a Sacred Being - Biodynamics and You
A new beginning for the heart, A new relationship with the Earth
Julie of Light Omega                                                               
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Dear Beloved Ones,

We may begin from a place of not knowing how we affect the Earth.  We may think that since we are not farmers and do not grow crops, that agriculture has little to do with us.  Yet, this perception is far from the truth, for our daily life choices about food, about clothing, about transportation, and even about the way we speak, affects the rest of life.  It is time, now, to begin to take more responsibility for this effect, to think about our own significance to the life of the planet.  It is time to consider the Earth as a sacred Being, one that we are part of, one that sustains our life.

Living with the Earth as a sacred Being can be approached from wherever we are in our consciousness.  This approach is multi-level, and begins with the authentic yearning of our own heart.

One of the ways in which we conceive of sacredness is to understand that all of life is of Divine origin. This understanding applies to plants, animals, rocks, and the Earth itself.  Such a principle takes us to the place of deeper truth within us — the truth that everything is alive. Because it exists, it contains a Divine imprint of consciousness within itself.  It contains the intentionality of Creation within itself.  Our mind does not know this, but our deeper self does, for it is what we knew as very young children.

Life is present in the tiny sub-atomic particles that make up the quantum universe, and also in the larger celestial bodies that are the Earth, the moon, the sun, and the stars.  All bodies that we know and see are both physical and at the same time spiritual in their origin and consciousness.

With this in mind, we can understand that how we relate to the Earth as a living Being is important.  It is important for humanity as a whole, and it is important for the Earth.  Many spiritual traditions are presently teaching this.  They are each contributing to our understanding that there is no separation and there is meant to be no separation between spirit and matter.  On the level of caring for the physical body of the Earth, for the soil that enables us to grow food and to feed human beings, one such approach called biodynamic agriculture offers us a way to integrate spirit and matter in our tending to the needs of the Earth as the sustainer of our life.

Biodynamic agriculture conceives of the Earth as both a physical and spiritual being.  On the physical level, the Earth consists of vast oceans that form the bulk of her surface area, and continents and land masses that are geographically smaller.   Upon these land masses, there is an even smaller area that can be used as cultivable soil.  Yet, out of this cultivable soil, all can be fed.

Soil is part of the structure of the Earth's being that supports all of life on Earth.  For this reason, we are asked to respect it, to treat it reverently and with full attention to its need to remain healthy.  In previous times, we have acted as if we made no difference to the health of that which feeds us.  Now, we are in need of offering full attention to the forces that affect the soil's inherent richness.  The soil of the Earth can provide food for all if it is treated well and reverently.  If it is treated indifferently or carelessly, it cannot.   If we attend to the needs of the soil, if we determine to treat it with respect and love, we enter a new phase of our life on Earth, the phase in which we ask:  How can I best love and protect the soil so that it can nourish the entire planet?

The answer is: through the choices that we make in our daily lives.

Many of us know, now, that using herbicides and pesticides on the soil depletes it drastically of its inherent capacity to produce in abundance.  Yet, we may not know that the soil of our planet is also related to the life of the moon, the sun, the planetary bodies and the stars.  Each of these celestial bodies carries a vibrational force that can interact with our soil so that it is helped to produce the abundance that it is capable of.

The philosophy known as biodynamics, brought forth onto this Earth plane by Rudolph Steiner, yet belonging to the realm of Divine teachings meant to shift the consciousness of humanity toward a higher level of awareness of true relationship - takes these various influencing factors into consideration.  Its perspective is integrative, joining together what can be done on the material plane through soil interventions that are physical and substantive, with what can be done on the spiritual plane through forces that enhance the physical matter of the Earth itself.  Within this joining, a practical system of agriculture emerges in which spirit and matter, substance and energy are no longer separate from each other, enabling the soil of the Earth to provide for the inhabitants of the Earth according to its highest potential.  This is the goal of biodynamic agriculture  - to support and enhance the health and wellbeing of all life on Earth.

We participate in this goal to the extent that we know that our daily choices matter, that they can either support the life of the Earth or be treated indifferently, remaining removed from our awareness.  We are each instrumental through our daily choices in helping the life of the planet to feed and clothe all.

Respect for the Earth as provider, respect for the relationship of the Earth to the cosmos, respect for the soil that produces what we eat — this is the foundational philosophy of biodynamic agriculture.

Beloved Ones, your own consciousness will tell you where you are in knowing the very great degree to which you matter to the Whole. While you may still feel that one person cannot make much of a difference in the Earth's being able to feed all, this is not true. By participating in a new collective vision of what the Earth is capable of when we care for the soil, the plant and animal kingdoms, and each other with respect and reverence, we each institute a new way of life for the planet.

We invite you, therefore, to join us in this sacred venture, to join us on the Sacred Earth Council, to participate with the new level of decision-making that many are trying to make in relation to daily choices that affect the planet.  Our goal is to learn more and to care more about how we may help.  The time of insignificance is over, Beloved Ones, and the time of knowing that each of us matters greatly has arrived.   We invite you to join us in this sacred effort.

May all blessings come to those who seek to bless the Earth with their presence here. 

With deep love and gratitude – Julie of Light Omega and Those Who Serve the Light.


The Sacred Earth Council holds as its intention the recommitting of our hearts to the purposes of sacred relationship with each other and with the holy Earth. Its goal is to help us examine the choices we make that affect the life of the Earth, beginning with what we eat and what we wear. The principle of 'do no harm' is a foundational principle for this effort, and our intention is to learn, together, how to manifest this principle in order to o live in sacredness upon the Earth.

You are invited to join us remotely at the Sacred Earth Councilmeetings which are listed in the Light Omega Calendar. (Green colored events).  It will be a way to suport your own higher intention to be of service to life.  You may also just contact us at and let us know of your interest.

Videos that may be helpful in learning more about biodynamic agriculture:


from "Poems for the New Earth," Book 2." (Unpublished). This prayer represents the heart of the Sacred Earth Council and its essence which is love.



Into this sacred temple of my body
I place only that which belongs to it,
that flows naturally with the life of
the Earth that is the life of the One.
Into this sacred temple of the Earth's body,
I place only that which belongs to it,
that does not detract from its holy
purpose, but adds to the goodness and ease
with which it provides for all beings.
Upon this sacred temple of my body
I clothe myself in the gifts of the Earth,
freely given, abundant, and pure,
discarding that which would harm the
beloved home of my heart, or deplete
it of its gifts.
May I give to the beloved all that is needed
to sustain, to replenish, to restore
what has been so lovingly given,
and may I rejoice in the Unity of life
that I am part of and that is part of me.
Mitakuye Oyasin. We are One.

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