Light Omega Community Newsletter No. 27
Light Omega

A Time for Trust
Julie of Light Omega

Dear Beloved Ones,

You have come here to learn about trust.  You have come here to learn how to uphold light in the presence of darkness.  Events taking place now are not accidents happening to you or to the Earth.  They are part of the unfoldment of a Divine sequence for the Earth's transition into a new vibration and consciousness, and you have come here to be part of that transition, to uphold  it, to help humanity move into a new stage and consciousness.

For this reason, when upsetting events occur you have a choice.  The choice to hold suffering with others, to not separate from it, but rather to allow compassion to be a way of life – this is part of that choice.  The willingness to trust the essential goodness of the human heart and the goodness of the Divine Heart that infuses the human heart – this is another choice.  Both are open to you now.

When unexpected events befall us, we can choose our response.  We can choose to feel unjustly treated, to get angry, to give up in disillusionment, to trust – these are the choices that face much of humanity today.  In the face of unfortunate, tragic, or inhumane events, many choose to get angry in the belief that anger will lead to positive action that will fuel change.  While anger does often energize those who feel it, replacing a sense of helplessness with a sense of empowerment, it does not produce the kind of change that establishes a lasting foundation of light, hope, and love – the underlying motivations that produce real change.  Rather, anger fuels counter-anger, if not in the present, then in the future. 

What is more aligned with the purposes of the light that exist within each of our hearts as we face loss, tragedy, or injustice of many kinds, is to feel compassion for ourselves and others and to trust.  Our sorrow at such events is not something to flee from, but to combine with our love for others as compassion, and in our combined love and compassion to hold others in trust.

Such a view does not eliminate the possibility of positive action, but it roots it in a different place within ourselves.  Whether it is about the loss of habitat of many species, the endangerment of our planet's ecosystem, financial insecurity, or the loss of a sense of order and predictability in our life, we experience loss deeply and need to hold it with compassion and trust. 

Today, our life and the life of our planet appear unpredictable.  In addition to this, loss of the means to support ourselves for those at the bottom of the wealth pyramid contributes to a perpetual state of insecurity, as does the response within us when events appear to be out of control and there seems to be no way to reverse this.

As our hearts grow larger in the presence of greater light, we become more able to do what we are here to do - to experience sorrow with those who are undergoing great loss and suffering, to stand firm in spiritual light in the presence of darkness.  This is what we have come here to do, and we learn how to do it day by day.  At the same time we must find the place of trust within us that can support our own life and that of others in the face of the unknown.

Trust is not based on knowing the outcome of things.  It is based on trusting the process of reaching that outcome, a process that is both human and Divine. On the human level, it is based on an understanding of the human heart in its original state, unencumbered by energies that are not of light.  This human heart loves, desires to be kind, is generous, and cares for the wellbeing of all.  Trust in the human heart's potential to arise in the presence of difficulty is one basis for trust.

The second basis involves trust in the Divine Heart of goodness that conveys to our heart that no matter how disordered or chaotic the world around us may appear, no matter how uncertain the future may look to our outer eyes, there is an order to all that is happening and a deeper meaning than what can be seen on the surface.  This deeper order and meaning allows our heart to know something that our mind may not, namely, that there is a reason related to a positive future that darkness is manifesting more fully now upon the Earth.  This heart, connected with our soul, tells us that beneath the manifestation of all kinds of violence and inhumanity, there is a redemptive process going on in which our collective past which has excluded many groups from our caring and love, depriving them of their right to exist on an equal footing with us —this past is being replaced, now, by the growing motivation to care for all.  In order for this to happen, in order for us to release the past and the limitations of love that have been part of our individual and collective history, our own motives of exclusion, self-protection, and indifference to the needs of others must become manifest.

Movement toward greater unity is the Divine plan for the Earth, and it is well in motion at this time, occurring in the presence of energies which seek the opposite — energies which seek division, discord, polarization, and conflict.  We are faced with a choice, therefore, and it informs all that we do and all that we decide: Shall we feel frightened and disillusioned by events that seem to be out of control, or shall we affirm our own heart's truth and that of others and allow love to spread from our own heart to all whom we meet? Shall we believe in the power of love that lives as the foundation of the human and Divine heart that we carry, or shall we believe in the power of fear and the need to separate ourselves from others in order to protect ourselves?  It is this choice that we have each come here to make at this time, and it shall affect every aspect of our life on Earth.

With all love and blessings - Julie and Those of the Light

Note: For an expanded view of the principles being discussed here as they apply to the intimate context of personal purification and healing, you may wish to listen to "The Healing of Mistrust," a talk by Julie given on June 4, 2017. 


"Prayers for the New Earth," available in late June, 2017 in the Light Omega Bookshop and on



O Guiding Hand that has ordained the end
in the beginning,
the creation of divine Wholeness for all beings,
You have blessed Creation with Your goodness,
to know, beyond doubt, that all that is broken
shall be made whole,
and all that is bereft shall be comforted.
This shall be the legacy of the Earth,
and of all that has led up to this time.
Yet, great trust is needed, now, O divine Goodness,
great trust in Your Guiding Hand
to show the way forward.
May all doubt be dispelled in the presence of
your Being.
May all fear be laid down at Your feet.
May your Living Presence be seen and felt
by Your beloved children,
as it is written,
bringing them home at last.

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