Light Omega Community Newsletter No. 28
Light Omega

Trust Your Heart
Julie of Light Omega

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Dear Beloved Ones,

Energies of light and darkness are manifesting upon the Earth with great intensity at this time, causing a conflict, at times, about which direction to go in and what to follow.  Though the truth of the heart connected to the soul is the surest direction to go in, this truth is often covered over by the mind's debate about what is true and what is less true or false.  Energies of doubt, operating now on the mental level, disguise the certainty about which direction holds the most light, the most truth, the most sense of 'rightness.' 

In the presence of this dilemma, it is most important to trust your heart.  For the devaluing of the heart leads to a vulnerability to forces that operate most strongly within the mind, often creating persuasive reasons for what is not right to appear 'right.'  The heart, if aligned with in its deepest sense, is a more reliable guide to 'rightness.'  Trust your heart, beloved ones.  Trust yourself.

It is a time of great challenge for many, today, when the seductive beliefs of the mind seek to take one away from the heart.  However, if this movement is recognized, then steadfastness can occur and a determination to remain faithful to the motivations of love, of kindness, of compassion, and of trust – all values of the heart.

We live in a time when it is not easy to discern truth with our minds.  On an outer level, it is no longer as clear what a 'fact' is, since facts for some are seen as mere 'opinions' by others.  This can relate to small things in life, but it can also relate to large issues that affect the life of our entire planet.  Therefore, in the presence of disguises created by energies that masquerade as truth, one must not be deceived because an argument sounds convincing.  One must only be convinced if the heart registers an energy of kindness, compassion, and love.

The ability of darkness to masquerade as light is coming to the fore now.  However, in the presence of this development, the awakening of the heart is also taking place so that each one, if they choose to, can become more sensitive to what feels right, what feels truthful, what feels loving.  Energies of deception may appear to be more prominent, but the movement of the life of the soul into everyday life can counteract such forces, nullifying their effect.  This occurs if one remains steadfast in looking for the light of truth, the light of love, and striving in each moment to remain faithful to it.

Sometimes, the newly awakening energy of love arising from the soul finds its path outward in a desire to help others, and to stand for ideals that respond to the needs of many.  This is a necessary and beautiful part of what needs to happen as the heart awakens.  Yet, it is also important to know that as love awakens, all areas in which self-love have been blocked also must come into view, requesting attention and requiring healing.  Those places that may have been concealed or covered over before, now, in the presence of greater light, ask to be addressed so that wholeness of the self can be achieved.  Love, as it awakens, needs to include the self, not just be directed toward others.  For love is a state of being and a flow that encircles all of life, flowing out and flowing in at all times.  If part of this circle is blocked through lack of love in any area, the rest of the stream is impeded.

Therefore, beloved ones, trust the time we are in, trust your heart, trust the light to reveal to you areas in need of healing, and allow your growing awareness of light to show you the path to follow.  Obstructions and counter-forces may be present, but the light of truth which is your deepest nature will lead you to the place of truth if you seek to follow it.

May all blessings be yours during this momentous time of transition upon the Earth.

With deepest love – Julie of Light Omega


The following prayer was written for those who offer the work of their hands as a response to need, so that this work, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, might become an offering to the One. 



"May all actions that I take be taken
from the place of loving service.
May they be an offering to the One.
No matter how small the task,
may I see it as an opportunity to love more,
to be more grateful,
to imbue with all devotion
the work of my heart and hands."

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