Light Omega Community Newsletter, No. 29
Light Omega

Turning Toward the New Light

Julie of Light Omega
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Dear Beloved Ones,

My heart is full with a desire to convey to you the changes in Divine manifestation that are bringing forward greater light, now, in the presence of that which is still dark and difficult.  We tend to refer to Divine blessing as 'grace' or 'light,' yet it is more than that.  It is also God's living Presence manifesting more fully upon the Earth.  Such Presence can be felt more clearly now through your own being, once you look for it behind whatever fear-created thoughts may stand in the way.

Many of us have felt separated from our own Divine being for a long time, and have spent years and lifetimes seeking that which has always been there, yet as if behind a screen or door that we could not see through.  It is the awakening of the soul within our embodied life that can now convey to us a new vista, based on the increased light within physical matter, including the physical matter of our own bodies.

Belief counts for a great deal in this pursuit, beloved ones, belief and intention.  For if one continues to look only at that which is lacking or frustrating or that which continues to be the source of suffering, one will not see the light of the Presence that is manifesting more fully now, even in the presence of darkness. 

Each of us is a world within ourselves, beloved ones, a world of great complexity and great beauty, and so suffering or difficulty can exist at one layer of our being or in one location, while light and hope can be experienced in another.

I urge you to contemplate this, for many have waited long with feelings of disappointment and disillusionment as if things would never change either outwardly or inwardly.  For some it is a matter of very difficult external conditions such as the loss of an income or of some other source of security.  For others it is a matter of internal conditions such as depression or loneliness that may seem interminable.  For each of us, hope arises from knowing that both inner and outer conditions are being affected, now, by greater light, and that our reaching toward this light is of utmost importance.

In your heart you may feel that you have been reaching for a long time, and have been unsuccessful in achieving what you wish for.  Yet, in the presence of disappointment I encourage you to reach even further, to not give up or follow the belief that freedom is for others but not for you.  Freedom, beloved ones, comes from greater contact with one's own Divine energy that is part of the All.  And it is this Divine energy within you that is more accessible, now, if you turn toward it and away from thoughts of hopelessness of depression.

The choice to turn is yours, and it takes place in every moment in which darkness or doubt would assail you.  It takes place when you wake up in the morning and when you go to sleep at night, and at every  moment during the day.  Within these moments, the choice can be to not give power to thoughts of discouragement, to not deny them, but to affirm with deepest trust that the Divine that holds all is holding you as well.

The source of light lives within you as your own deepest self and beyond you as the Divine Creator of all - the absolute unified Being beyond labels or words.  It is this Being that has taken form, that has manifested Creation in its totality, and that desires to live through you as you. Know this and trust this.  If you do not yet have an altar within your living space, create one.  Determine to sit before it regularly in prayer or meditation and to offer your heart to the One that this altar symbolizes and acts as a doorway for.  Sit at your altar, and let hope and trust guide you.

Hope and trust tend to be thought of by our psychological minds as emotions, not as spiritual forces.  Yet, this is based on a limitation of our understanding.  Both hope and trust are spiritual forces that call to the universe as expressions of our desire and intention to be in relationship with the Divine.  They magnetize to us that which we are seeking.

Dearest Beloved Ones, the Mother of All seeks to hold you in Her arms with deepest love and to embrace you.  The universe is Her body, and any love that you feel is a stream of Her love.  Find within yourself the trust to begin anew each time a discouragement takes place.  Your deepest heart and soul have the strength to do this.  Find within yourself the determination to wait in trust no matter what outer circumstances may seem to tell you. Let your outer eyes not be the determiner of your reality.

The world is One, and we who live consciously within this world are coming to know ourselves as united in love and in oneness.  May all of life come to feel held in this way, and may we each become messengers of this truth, to deliver it to an aching world.

Hari Om Tat Sat
God within the manifested universe and God within the unmanifested universe are One. 

This is the Truth that we hold and that we live by.  May we find it reflected in each moment of our lives.

Julie of Light Omega



In the stillness of the holy shall you live.
You are not far away.
Only your mind leads you to believe
that there is distance.
Let go of that belief and you will be there.
The place of stillness is the place of holiness,
the place of joining with the One that is all.
Belief opens the way,  
belief that you have not strayed too far to return.
O beloved, join me in the place of holiness
that you are,
beyond reason, beyond thought,
one with the Source of Life.

(from "Poems for the New Earth" - Book 2, unpublished.  Book 1 is available through the Light Omega Bookshop.)



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