Light Omega Newsletter, No. 30 - Special Edition
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Acts of Nobility and Kindness
Light Omega Newsletter, No. 30 - Special Edition
Julie of Light Omega                                                               
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Dearest Beloved Ones,


We hear in the new each day about acts of violence and disaster, and increasingly about indiscriminate acts of hatred perpetrated upon innocent people in prayer, at a marketplace, or most recently at a protest rally.  Our daily diet of news infuses not just the content of the latest event into our minds, but an energy of fear, chaos, and disorder that affects our view of life.  In the presence of energies of fear and chaos, it is very difficult to locate the energies within us of reassurance, of peace, and of knowing that order, not chaos, is the nature of the universe.


Years ago a phrase came into being that was broadcast in social media for some time, namely, "Practice random acts of kindness."  It caught our imagination and still does, but does not outweigh, for most of us, the sense of oppression created by a picture of the world and of a nation that is increasingly violent, and increasingly disturbed by racial tensions and animosities.  To counteract this looming picture of darkness, offered by the news each day, we must find the light within us that allows us to know that nobility and kindness are present in all beings, even though we hear little about these qualities.


Nobility and kindness are present in the way communities and neighbors cared for each other in the recent massive Sierra Leone mud slides.  Nobility and kindness are present in those aid workers who helped bring relief aid to Haiti or any other disaster-ridden country following a natural catastrophe.  Nobility and kindness are present in our daily lives when we seek to help someone, anyone, and go out of our way to do so.  We must ask ourselves, beloved ones, why these actions, whether individual or collective, are not the subject of the news.  Why only horror, death, and disaster are the subject of the news.


The answer is not only that 'violence sells.'  That is a cliche that addresses the more surface level truth but does not address the cause that is producing that truth.  Why does violence 'sell?'  Why does not kindness 'sell?'


To answer this question we need not only to go back into history to see how this trend originated, but also to understand energies that are at work today within our hearts and minds, energies that create a world picture of mistrust and fear.  If we mistrust each other, if we are afraid for our own lives, if we live in a world that is chaotic or disordered and this view is reinforced on a daily basis, then we will continue to feel separate from each other.  We will continue to need to protect ourselves from others.  This is the opposite motivation than that which seeks love and joining.  Where fear exists, love's presence and the desire to join with others diminishes.  This is our history, and it is present today in the tendencies we are witnessing toward isolation, toward the erection of barriers between one nation and another, and in all the ways that hatred of one group toward another are being expressed.


Beloved ones, through our daily thoughts and actions we choose to be part of this perspective of fear or disorder, or we choose to be part of the world of nobility and kindness, the world in which the human heart is trustworthy.  We need to look at this choice in all that we communicate to others, but particularly we need to observe our own thought process so that we do not align with the darkness that is being conveyed to us with every reported event in the news.


The world of light, of nobility, and of kindness, all emanating from the greater presence of the soul within the human heart, is expanding now, but we will not know about it if we believe the picture of the world that is being presented to us through the prism of fear and disorder.  From this picture, we will only absorb the need to maintain self-protection and separateness.  If, however, we look into our own motivation, and seek to practice nobility and kindness in our thoughts and speech on a daily basis, we will begin to see the potential of this being returned to us a thousandfold.


This is the world we wish to create, and we must take responsibility for our own willingness and capacity to do so.  The life of the world that we create lies within us, not just outside us.


May all beings be set free from illusion to find the way to their own heart of love.  Amen, and Namaste.  With all blessings - Julie of Light Omega





from "Poems for the New Earth," Book 2." (Unpublished).




Love is possible in all weathers and

all seasons of the heart.
We must commit ourselves to it,
with a determination that outweighs
the tendency to flee from love,
to become mental in our outlook,
allowing love to be less important than mind.
We must be fearless in our determination
to love because of its beauty,
because it brings us closer to truth,
because it is what we have come to express,
and because it is who we are.
O Beloved One, we do not need to
retreat to the mind because we are afraid
to remain in love,
or believe that we do not know how to love,
and therefore cannot stay in it.
Like the sun and stars,
we can remain in our place,
shining and bountiful,
the recipient and giver of our own radiance.
Even a few moments of love's truth
can show us a way to live

that lets us know that we are home.



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