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MARCH, 2014
A Conversation with Julie
Beloved One,
You are most welcome to join me for this fourth Conversation. You will need to pre-register, installing the GoToMeeting app in advance.

This 'Conversation' is about the way of trusting the present moment to bring all that is needed in the way of healing, without reference to past identities, beliefs, or experiences.  It is also about choosing life, instead of thoughts about life.

Saturday, March 15, 2014
10:55-11:40 am (ET); 7:55-8:40am (PT); 2:55-3:40pm (GMT/UT)
*Please note the new time for GMT time zone).
Your invitation (Listen):
To join the conversation click this link and follow directions.
Please check your microphone and speakers beforehand.  For phone access, write to us at   All blessings.
(Next 'Conversation' - Sat., April 19th)
Gratitude and Donations
If you are benefiting from Julie's Calendars, newsletters, or webcasts, or hoping to come to one, please consider supporting this effort by making a single or regular monthly donation to Light Omega in any amount.  The response to a Divine gift freely given by the Universe is gratitude.  Please help now.  All blessings.
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Sun., March 9th


March. 23rd Videocast
10:25am-11:45am (ET); 3:25pm-4:45pm (GMT/UT)
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