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Julie of Light Omega

All that we receive from the Source of divine grace and blessing comes from the Tree of Life.  All that can be understood of how God operates within time, space, and matter also comes from the Tree of Life.  For this 'Tree' is the bridge between the upper and lower worlds of Creation and between the higher and lower realms of light.  Its roots are in Heaven, and its branches reach down to the lowliest places of the earth.

The Tree of Life is the Source of blessing, grace, and abundance for all souls.  It is the passageway for the heavenly descent of God's emanations, that givies birth to the multiple layers of Creation that are part of the beginning of all things.  These emanations form the central axis of the spiritual universe.  They are the formative energies that give rise to worlds and are, at the same time, the path of return to the Source.   This path proceeds from the Holy One who is limitless and beyond naming, through all realms of existence.  As it does so, it showers its blessings upon all.

The path of descent of the Divine rays through the layers of Creation is the same path by which individual souls, within the forum of their own inner consciousness, can  receive the gifts of the Source of life. These gifts emerge from the Godhead, in which the Tree's roots are firmly planted, and spread their rays through all planes and dimensions of existence, including those which sustain the earth and the life of each individual soul.

The Book of John describes the descent of the Divine in the process of creation, but here it is summarized in a single word - the Word of God:  

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.  Through him all things were made that were made..."  

This sacred Word and the Tree of Life are identical.  They are the Source of light and life for all beings.  

Each soul who embarks on a spiritual journey is traveling through a portion of the Tree of Life.  Each is creating a bridge from one layer of Creation to another and from one dimension of consciousness to another, gaining increasing degrees of wisdom, love, and light as the journey proceeds. 

Yet, the abundance of the Tree of Life requires a receptive vessel in order to make itself known.  Likewise, the sacred and holy Word requires a sacred vessel in order to find a place in which to dwell.  For this purpose, human beings are guided to construct within themselves the necessary purity and sanctity so that they may participate in the Tree of Life and share in its gifts.  This participation is what constitutes the experience of Heaven on earth, and it is the destiny of all souls who choose it.

Over the course of historical time, such participation has been restricted by the limitations of human consciousness and its immersion in the ways of darkness and separation.  The portion of awareness that could recognize holiness was effectively asleep, not to waken for many millennia, not until the time was right for a new bridge to be created that would eliminate the separation between the physical and the spiritual worlds.  Though the blessings of the Divine were always present, they were not experienced as such because the vessel that could contain these blessings had not yet been made ready.

This circumstance is being healed today and the separated consciousness that souls have lived with is being redeemed in a manner that will allow all souls to become more receptive to Divine blessing.  Because of the raising of the vibration of physical matter as a result of greater light on earth, all souls are once again becoming capable of sharing in the Tree of Life.   What creates this possibility is the new activity of the divine Presence within physical matter and within the core of each embodied soul.  This Presence, which traditionally has been known as the Bride, the Daughter, the Shekinah, the Divine Feminine, is increasingly making itself known and felt throughout the world, initiating a change in consciousness that is part of a great spiritual awakening.  The activity of God's Presence could not be felt on a large scale prior to this awakening, for it could not merge with the vibration of physical matter nor with the level of consciousness that prevailed.  Thus, those living in times past experienced more of a struggle to feel and sense the riches that lay within themselves at their core, and also more of a struggle to overcome the separation of the spiritual and material worlds.

Today's re-integration of the divine Presence within physical matter is changing this.  New conditions for all living things are coming into being and a bridge is being created that many will be able to cross into higher realms of awareness.  This bridge will end, forever, the separation between worlds. It will transform all beings into sacred vessels that can receive the blessings of the upper worlds.  No longer will it be necessary to struggle to find one's way to the higher realms or to communication with these realms.  Instead, the bridge of light and life that IS the divine Presence will be activated within every soul so that separation and alienation will be a thing of the past.

The activity of the divine Presence which is God within matter is awakening now, bringing to each embodied being a sense of their own larger identity and simultnaeously a sense of God's identity as a tangible reality.  As a result of this new energy, all that lives is becoming more alive as it begins to resonate more with the Divine prototypes of Creation.

Those who are awakening in this way will now be able to partake of the Tree of Life in a manner that has not been possible since the beginning - since life left the state of consciousness known as the Garden of Eden.  Now, once again, the gifts of life and light shall flow to all beings and all shall recognize the Source of these gifts as God.  The realm of the physical, formerly a pale shadow of what it could be, shall begin to shine with the glory of the light of the Highest, and participate once more in the life of the spiritual worlds.  Such participation shall not be an exception, but the natural function of waking consciousness.  The Tree of Life whose roots are above and whose branches are below, shall be empowered to nourish all beings, and in the sacred union of spirit and matter, shall remain the Source of abundant life forever.


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