Mandala of the Living Earth

Transformation of the living Earth

Julie of Light Omega

Dear Beloved Ones,


The pathway to indwelling divinity is being opened now. As in times past when the pathway to grace through the Holy Spirit was opened, in this time the pathway to the knowledge of the soul is being revealed. This is not happening for some people but for all people.  It is taking place through a vibrational shift in the physical matrix of which the body is a part, bringing it closer into proximity with the energy of the soul.  In this way access to the inner truth of being that each human being carries can become more available.  The pathway to truth and to love is the same pathway to indwelling divinity, the knowledge of the soul.

Soul is not mind.  It is not thought.  It is the interior expression of the Oneness, the Oneness individualized. Knowledge of soul simultaneously brings one into knowledge of unity, of Oneness. 

Those who walk the Earth at this time have chosen to be here for this planetary event which is also a cosmic event.  For in the interrelationship of parts to the Whole, what changes the vibration of a planet changes the celestial or cosmic habitat in which that planet lives.  It changes the solar system, it changes the galaxy, it changes the Universe.  The Earth as habitat is the collective home in which the physical change to all embodied beings is taking place.  The Universe as habitat is the collective home in which the Earth's change is taking place.  All is One and all shall benefit from the dimensional leap forward that is now underway.

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