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Meditations and Teachings by Julie of Light Omega

The following list of offerings was created to assist the process of spiritual awakening taking place for many today.  Join the Light Omega Mailing List to stay current with new events and offerings.



The following Light Omega Calendars created by Julie are freely offered and e-mailed daily by subscription, each having a special place in the overall energy and content that they communicate.  Find the one that you resonate most with and begin there.  You can add a repeat series to each of the Calendars if you would like to continue beyond the end-date of the first series, and you can unsubscribe at any time.  Each of the Calendars is also available as an e-Book within the Light Omega Bookshop.


Emanations of Healing Light

The Calendar's capacity to incorporate light into its messages takes this format to a whole new level.  Emanations of Healing Light is meant to be sent to loved ones in need of spiritual support or to be used for oneself.  Its multi-media presentation includes recordings by Julie of the daily messages that greatly advance the capacity of the Calendar to hold and transmit light.


Calendar of 100 Days  

This is the first book in the Calendar of Light Trilogy. It contains 'seed thoughts' for a daily practice of transforming consciousness into a sacred perspective. This was the first of the Light Omega Calendars and has proven of continued value over the years.  Its perspective is broad and deep, and yet its messages are simple, designed to resonate within the soul.  Daily messages support both a meditative practice that can be done while sitting with each day's message, as well as the incorporation of sared consciousness into the activities of the day.  PDF e-Book.

The Calendar of 100 Days can be viewed  online, with messages selected by subject matter.


Calendar of Awakening


Seeds of light to further the awakening process and help with the release of old patterns of thought and feeling.  This Calendar is subtitled "the One in the Many" and it contains an invitation to the sacred state of Love and Unity that exists as the inner reality behind one's outer consciousness.  As you move further into the new vibration, fear and anxiety can be replaced by peace and trust and the inner knowing of life beyond the physical. PDF e-Book


To view the complete selection of Light Omega Calendars visit Calendars.


E-BOOKS by Julie of Light Omega


Teaching the Heart to Sing: A Guide to Shifting Consciousness at the Dawn of a New Age

Embracing the Divine: Becoming One with the One

Living as a Soul

From Light to Light: The Purification Process

Invisible Sunrise: The Awakening of a Planet


Between Parents and Children


To view the complete selection of books and e-Books visit the Light Omega Bookshop.





Calendar of 100 Days,

Stepping Stones to Awareness,

The Calendar of Light & Seminar Series




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One World Meditations

A way of strengthening the planetary network of light that is essentially changing the energetic matrix in which all human beings live.  Changes to the planetary vibration affect the consciousness of all beings and all help is given from the Realms of Light to expand this potentiality.  Your participation advances the planetary goals and accelerates your own growth and healing.


One Earth Awakening Forum


An interactive discussion about many topics whose purpose is the formation of a global community of light.  Opportunities for sharing questions, experiences with purification and awakening, and much more.


Light Omega Webcasts


Interactive live monthly webcasts include a talk by Julie and write in questions.  Write to webcast for information.





Messages of Light by Request

Messages of Light by Request addresses concerns of a personal nature, often relating to purification and changes in one's inner and outer life.  These messages are part of Julie's Divine service and there is no charge for them.  




Light Omega E-zine Reader

A Reader containing articles created by Julie for the internet's Ezine Directory on topics of spiritual interest and importance.  These include purification of the mental, emotional, and physical body, as well as a more global focus on the transformation of the Earth. You may subscribe by RSS Feed to receive new article notices.


Light Omega Newsletter

Articles by Julie about the inner side of world events with particular focus on the transformation of the Earth taking place at this time. These are original articles, generally not found on the rest of the Light Omega website.  They look at the effect of increased spiritual light on both individual and planetary life.


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