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Dear Beloved Ones,  

Phone or online meetings with Julie have been created in order to address the difficulties of this time - to offer guidance and help to those having questions about their own spiritual path as it moves forward or about particular healing issues that are of concern.  The process of awakening is multi-faceted, and so whatever is of greatest import to your heart is what will be addressed.


You may, if you wish, have prepared questions to bring to this meeting, or wait to see how things unfold.  The presence of God’s light will reveal what needs to be focused on and will carry the conversation to its most useful destination.


It is well to leave a few minutes beforehand to breathe and sit in silence, clearing your mind of the day’s concerns, and also to leave a period of time afterward in which to integrate the things that have been discussed.


What is most important to know is that these meetings are not primarily about what is discussed, but about the energy of light that can be transmitted through the vehicle of the conversation.  This Divine light is why these meetings have been instituted.


With blessings to all - The Realms of Light



Payment for Meetings: Meetings by computer or phone are ordinarily a half-hour or less in length and can be paid for by donation to Light Omega in the amount that you are guided to.  Julie does not accept fees for her Divine service and your donation will help Light Omega continue its work.  Please visit Donations before the date of your scheduled meeting with Julie where you can make a contribution through PayPal.  This is important in terms of your establishing right relationship to what is being offered.



Please use this form to send your request to Julie.  Be sure to fill in all three fields.  Your inquiry will not commit you to anything.  To learn more about donations, please use this link.  Light Omega

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