Mandala of the Living Earth

Transformation of the living Earth

Julie of Light Omega

Never before in the history of humanity has the time brought forth such a huge change in the nature of physical/spiritual reality for the people of the earth.  There are periods in the past that have awakened the more enlightened - the initiates, devotees, and followers of spiritual paths of various kinds - but the changes present today are affecting all, from those pursuing a deliberate and conscious path toward the Highest, to those for whom a spiritual path is but a distant concept.  Everyone, everywhere, is being transformed by the current structural and energetic changes in the physical properties of matter as well as in consciousness, and there will be, in the end, no stone that is unturned.

This time of great change continues to go unnoticed by most, for the outpicturing of large-scale events that would involve the masses of humanity has not begun in a clear way yet, and these would be most influential in conveying the message of change to many, with its implications that the old order was being replaced by something new.  Nevertheless, even without these large-scale manifestations, the transformation of the physical matter of the planet into a vehicle that can carry a higher vibration of light has begun to change the air that we breathe, filling it with more light, the surface of the earth that we interact with, and the ways in which we are predisposed to behave with one another. 

These changes that light brings do not uniformly demonstrate love and gentleness, however, because light brings with it the truth-telling function it carries which effects a separating out of all that is not of the light in order to reveal it to both individual and collective consciousness.  As it does so, certain aspects of darkness are likely to be given space to be acted out on the physical plane, corresponding to the inner motivations of heart, mind, and will.

Nonetheless, the time of awakening of humanity to the greater Life of which it is a part has already begun, and shall continue to infuse human consciousness with a sense of hope beyond reason, and faith beyond hope, that will let all know, from the lowest to the highest in stature and in status, that there is not one single person on the earth that lives separately from any other, and there is not one single person on the earth who does not emerge from the same divine Source that is the Creator of all.

In the midst of this huge change that is occurring, small streams are already eroding the formerly solid structures of the old, and in the wake of greater light, there are also the presence of energy forces that seek to counteract light's expansion by both reinstating the old ways and also by inciting consciousness, where possible, toward  increased conflict and an undermining of the principle of love.  Though these forces cannot ultimately hold sway, until they are defeated by the more powerful force of embodied light, they are able to create a great deal of suffering, confusion, chaos, and despair upon the earth, and they continue to be able to persuade many that God is not real and that one only need look after oneself.

The time of transformation is here, and in its wake many will be asked to let go of things that have been held onto out of fear of facing the unknown.  And many more will be asked to accommodate to changed conditions in life that will affect the ways in which ordinary activities are conducted.  This patterning of our everyday lives which we have come to take for granted - differently, of course, within different cultures - still maintains a common thread of orientation toward a physical reality within time and space that we are familiar with.  All such perceptions will continue to change as light intensifies.  Within the air that we breathe will come a new breeze that brings forth hidden aspects of the unseen world of Spirit, and these formerly hidden aspects will reveal themselves to have a greater influence on life than has previously been thought possible.

Over and over again, as we face toward the new and let go of the old, the challenge to the heart must be one of learning to stay in the place of love, not in the place of fear, and to remain steadfast in our trust in Divine wisdom and love to guide us through the transformations that lie ahead.  The way forward may be challenging in terms of the levels of difficulty it presents both individually and to the planet, but the possibility for making the passage will be given to all who have chosen to be on the earth at this time.  On the deepest and most profound level, it is a matter of choosing God's reality and the reality of love above and beyond all else, and letting all other motives, decisions, priorities and values recede, relative to the importance of this. 

With the principle of Divine Love upholding it, mankind will be able to face what must be faced in the times ahead, and will be able to meet each challenge with a force of light and truth that cannot be defeated by any counterforce that seeks to extinguish it. 

May all of life take heart from the knowledge that God's light and love are the most powerful forces in the universe, and that the task of remaining faithful to these is the way through all difficulty toward the passage home.



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