Mandala of the Living Earth

Mandala of the living Earth




Julie of Light Omega


In the midst of incalculable losses to specific habitats, species, and the physical body of the Earth itself, new life is being created, allowing for hope that a process of restoration can take place.


Many have suffered greatly over the loss of viability of parts of the Earth, its habitats, its wildlife, its national and international treasures, its diversity.  Each time a species becomes endangered, it is not only the Earth that suffers, but those beings also who are attuned to the welfare of the Earth and to the natural balance between complex ecosystems that must be maintained in order for the Earth to thrive. For this reason it is important to state, now, that the Earth is being renewed on all levels by the incorporation of the highest spiritual light into her physical and energetic structure.  She is being renewed, and the replenishment of that which has been depleted is beginning to take place. 

What this means is that though species may still be endangered due to the loss of their natural habitats and the unavailability of the food that is so vital to their existence, the adaptive capacity of all species is increasing due to the presence of greater light, and this means that however great the damage already done, the recovery process is underway.


This recovery is analagous to the treatment of an immune disorder among human beings where, due to both known and unknown physical and energetic causes, a sufficient restoration of healthy cells that can wean out unwanted substances or organisms is gradualy eroded.  In the case of the human being, the immune system must be restored to its former vitality through the intervention of various physical, energetic, and spiritual means, so that the body's natural healing capabilities can begin to function once again.  With the Earth it is similar.  The incorporation of the highest vibrations of spiritual light into her cellular and energetic structure will make it possible for her vital  bodies to wean out and  eradicate those aspects of her systems that are detrimental to her overall health, and to promote and expand those areas of growth that are in need of strengthening.


This process has already begun, and the deficiencies that are now so widespread and that have caused such planetary depletion are beginning to be addressed by the strengthening, through spiritual light, of the Earth's 'immune system,' so that she can participate most effectively in her own re-balancing and growth into new health.


Light itself promotes this healing.  It makes possible the renewal of formerly extinct species, not precisely with the same DNA, but with DNA that closely approximates the resonant frequencies and qualities that are part of the physical and energetic environment that species were once in.  In some ways, it might be likened not to growing a new arm or leg where one might be missing, but to growing an appendage that served as an arm or leg, similar to it in many ways, yet completely new at the same time.  This new part, this new manifestation of the Earth's life, will replace and replenish the holes that have been created in her delicately balanced ecosystems that are interdependent and that, because of this, have all been affected by those actions and processes that have interfered with the Earth's natural resources and rhythms.


Prayer is still needed to assist with this process, and the attunement of humanity's actions to the wellbeing of the planet is still essential so that a continual process of repair of damage is not needed.  Nevertheless, the Earth's systems on all levels are capable of being restored, and while those species that are already gone are gone, and it is a loss of profound import that they cannot be recovered, new representatives of a similar life-form will come to take their place in the course of time, and with the loving care of those who regard the Earth as their mother and as their home.


May all come to recognize their true relationship with the Earth, that one in being and one in heart, each may be committed to serving the other.  May peace and harmony bless the Earth and all of her inhabitants.



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